Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaBloPoMo 9/30: Gingerbread cookies

I've been wanting to make some holiday cookies this week and Carter suggested gingerbread cookies. To my knowledge he's never had a gingerbread cookie before, so I wasn't even sure if he'd like them, but it seemed like they'd be fun to decorate. We bought a tube of ready-made cookie dough and some colors of frosting, and tonight we made our cookies. Carter was actually pretty helpful during the process. I think he had a lot of fun too.

Here he's rolling out the dough.


And then cutting out the cookies. Putting them on the pan was definitely a job for me.


After they came out of the oven, the messy fun part began -- decorating!


Sprinkles make everything better.


We had some black icing left from Halloween.


Which Carter sampled.


Well, "sampled" is perhaps a bit of an inadequate description of the situation.


Our finished cookies. Pretty, they are not. But I'm betting they'll taste great!


It was fun, and Carter stuck with this cookie decorating project for a lot longer than I expected. We may even attempt a gingerbread house this year. Hmmm...

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Paige said...

OMG... it looks like a gingerbread man massacre. I love how you encourage his creative side in so many ways.