Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaBloPoMo 10/30: Quickie post

I actually didn't see much of Carter today. I teach Tuesdays and Thursdays, and lately I've had to wake him up before I go, so we haven't even had time together in the mornings.

It's funny that I used to sneak around in the mornings and hope I could leave the house before he woke up. Me leaving was traumatic for years. But these days he loves walking me to my car and saying goodbye, and if I try to sneak off he gets really upset. In fact, there was an incident about month ago where Michelle actually called me because he was so upset that I'd run out to the store without telling him I was going. When I got home he cried in my arms and pounded on my chest, and said he would not forgive me. So I promised him I wouldn't leave him again without saying goodbye, and that means (per mutual agreement) that if he's still sleeping in the morning when I'm ready to go, I wake him up to tell him, and he walks me to the car half-asleep.

So this morning I woke him right before I left, and he was yawning in his PJs as I drove away. I picked him up from his swimming lesson this afternoon and then an hour later we went out to dinner. We drove down to a cool area in central Austin called The Triangle, full of shops and restaurants. We went to one of Carter's favorite restaurants (he loves the mac and cheese there), and it was a really pleasant evening. That area was full of families with kids tonight, and that made it feel like a fun place to be.

Michelle met us there after dinner to take him for ice cream and then home while Doug and I went to the theatre. He'll be asleep when we get home, so I won't have had much Carter time.

Edit now that we're home: He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and so we didn't miss much after all! He was tired tonight, do hopefully he'll get a good night's sleep. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. :-)

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