Friday, November 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo 11/30: Friday Fun

Mondays and Fridays are days Carter and I spend together. Fridays are always fun because it's the end of the week (and I'm not trying to carve out time to finish getting ready to teach the next day like I often am on Mondays).

Carter has gymnastics at The Little Gym on Friday mornings. He really loves it! Here are some pictures I took this morning during his class.


I love this picture!


Carter really likes his teacher, Mr. Trey.



Hanging on bars is always fun.



After this class, Carter wanted to go to his favorite toy store. We hit a Starbucks on the way and got some mid-morning snacks (and coffee for me), and had a lot of fun at the toy store. Carter came home with an awesome little Playmobil conveyer belt that we played with for the entire afternoon. I love that he's finally old enough for Playmobil toys. They are SO awesome.


Finally, here is a picture of Carter and Gabi from a couple of days ago. Gabi is our cranky cat, and she has avoided Carter for his entire life. Until about a month or so ago. Out of the blue she decided she liked Carter and hangs around him all the time. She even lets him carry her around! It's completely bizarre, and I figured anyone who has actually met this cat would like photographic proof.


Happy Veteran's Day!

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