Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloPoMo 12/30: Saturday

Saturday mornings are always fun. Every morning Carter wakes up and asks if Daddy is downstairs, and when I say no, Daddy is at work, he's always sad. But on Saturday mornings, for the first time in a while, I get to say yes! Daddy is downstairs sitting on the couch, watching TV. (Doug is an early riser while carter and I are not.) And Carter bounds down the stairs to see Doug, and I go back to sleep for another hour. (Carter always says, "Mommy, you stay in bed," and I say, "You got it.") Apparently Doug and Carter spent that entire hour playing with the conveyer belt I posted a picture of yesterday.

We went to lunch at a new pizza place that advertised coal-fired pizza ovens. It was pretty good, and afterwards we walked around the shopping center (the Hill Country Galleria), found Carter some frozen yogurt, and then hung out in a toy store for a little while. It was a lovely day here with a high of 80 degrees. Perfect fall weather. Fall and spring are wonderful times of year here, probably like summer is in most places. It's warm but not hot, and it's so easy to be outside.

After lunch Carter and I played in the backyard for a while. Now that it's no longer so hot (and we got the fire ant problem under control) Carter has been playing in his big sandbox again.

This is what happens when I ask him to smile for a picture!

We found some scattered animal bones under the trees, including this jawbone with crazy teeth.

I did some googling and am pretty sure it's from a possum. Those teeth are crazy looking! I assume a hawk had a meal up in a tree and dropped the bones down. It was kind of cool to study them and talk to Carter about where the bones came from.

Later on we went out for cupcakes.


This is how Carter eats cupcakes:


And of course, this is the result:


Yep, there are many wipes involved when we go out for cupcakes! It's fun to be able to do things like this again, though. For a long time it was way too hot to do any of the awesome outdoor things around here.


Tomorrow we're having our annual family portrait/Christmas card photos taken. It's supposed to be even warmer, so it should be a nice morning for it. :-)

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