Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaBloPoMo 13/30: Lunch by the lake

It was utterly gorgeous here today. The temperature was in the low 80s and the sky was clear and blue. This must be what summer is like for other people! Here, we call it fall. :-)

Our favorite photographer Suzanne Reiss came by for our annual family photo shoot. We take pictures of Carter for our holiday card and family pictures to update our family portrait. Every year I have a lot of fun picking out Carter's outfit, and this year I think he looked especially adorable. I can't wait to see the proofs!

Carter really enjoyed the session this year. When Suzanne was finished, he took her by the hand and said he wanted to show her his toys. He thought she was there to play! She does a great job with little kids, so if anyone in the Austin area is looking for a photographer, I recommend her highly.

After the pictures were done we went to Ski Shores for lunch. We haven't been there since the spring, and it was a lot of fun. It's a beautiful spot for an outdoor restaurant, right on the shores of Lake Austin.

It's yet another fabulous Austin restaurant with a playground. We have at least a dozen of these that we know of, and they're so fantastic for families!

I brought a couple of digging vehicles for Carter (I remembered that the playground had pea-sized gravel) and he had fun sharing them with some other kids.

It was a great way to relax and spend part of the afternoon. There's something about being by the lake on a warm day that makes me wish we had a boat. Of course, as soon as we leave the lake, I come to my senses. ;-)

I gave a talk at St. Ed's tonight, so the rest of the afternoon was Carter and Daddy time. I think they had fun playing together while I was gone.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means it's a Carter and Mommy day, so we'll have some fun together. I asked Carter tonight what he wanted to do and he had a big list of things, so we'll see what happens!

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