Friday, April 9, 2010


Spring in central Texas is really amazing, with some of the most beautiful displays of wildflowers I've ever seen lining every highway. There is a great tradition here of taking pictures of your children sitting in a patch of bluebonnets. Last year we didn't have a great wildflower season after a dry winter, but this year it's been amazing!

This morning Carter and I headed to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center south of Austin. It's a beautiful garden surrounded by hill country landscape, with lots of walking trails. Today was the first day of their spring plant sale, so the place was crazy busy! The people there for the plant sale all had wagons with them to haul their plants in, and Carter was really interested in all the wagons. He actually chased one guy and said, "Excuse me!" to him, trying to get his attention. I think he wanted to ride in the wagon, poor kid! He was unhappy when I redirected him to the fish pond.

We went for a walk along one of the center's many beautiful trails.

The wildflowers along the path were gorgeous!

I took at least 2 dozen pictures of Carter, and almost all of them are of his back, heh. At least the scenery is beautiful!

He LOVED this windmill, and we spent 45 minutes hanging out in this spot.

He just wanted to watch it spin, basically! He'd never seen a real one before, and when I told him it was called a windmill, he decided to inform everyone who walked by us about it. He'd say, "It called windmill!" and if they didn't acknowledge him, he'd say it again, and would get frustrated when they didn't respond!

So we hung out there around the windmill for a while. He sat in my lap, dug in the dirt, looked at bugs, and so on, and when the windmill started up with a creak he'd stop what he was doing and look up excitedly, saying, "Windmill spinning fast!" I couldn't lure him away to continue our walk, and then I realized this was another one of those beautiful moments of life with Carter. So I sat on the ground and enjoyed it!

Here is a video of him talking about the windmill:

When he heard people approaching, he'd say, "I hear friends," and "Here come some friends". When they walked past he'd say, "Hi, friends!" and then "Bye, friends!" I'm not sure if he gets that from Michelle or from something he's seen on TV. When we came upon families with small children as we walked, he would excitedly tell the children about the windmill and the flowers he'd seen, and the fact that he'd seen airplanes and butterflies and "bee shadows". (We watched a bee fly around for a while and he was fascinated with the shadow it cast on the ground.) They stared back at him like they were thinking, "What is he talking about?" It was adorable to see how excited he was and how much he wanted to share what he'd seen with other people his size!

This is the only picture I got of his face.

After a gorgeous walk we went to Chick-fila for lunch, where Carter found a pair of sunglasses in the play area. We couldn't figure out who they belonged to, and Carter became really attached to them.

So in the end, we took them home with us. They say "Hello Kitty" on them, but he's too young to care about that, heh.

When we left the house this morning, I told him we were going to have a taco for breakfast. He loves breakfast tacos from Rudy's, which I typically go to get for us on Saturday mornings. I had our bag all packed for the day and was carrying him to the garage, and he suddenly started to cry and squirm. I set him down and he ran back to the kitchen, where he stood next to the kitchen table and sobbed about a "taco". I realized then that's he's never been to Rudy's for breakfast - as far as he knows, the tacos just appear at home! There was nothing I could say to explain, and in the end he cried the WHOLE way to Rudy's. When we got there and I ordered the tacos, he finally seemed to understand, and by the time we sat down he was very excited about his taco. It was one of those many moments where I felt really bad for him, but it's so adorable at the same time!

It was a long week for me, and being able to spend the whole day with Carter was fantastic. I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend with him and Doug!

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed the video. Do I have to say again how much I love this child!!!!!Oh yeah, I would have cried too over the rudy taco (they are sooooo good)if I thought I was not going to receive. So wish I could have spent the day with you guys! Miss you so much..........

Aunt Pam