Friday, April 16, 2010

"I love yous", bubble baths, and more

It was gorgeous here last weekend, and we decided to take Doug's new car for a drive out to a winery in the Hill Country, Flat Creek Estates. The grounds are beautiful and huge, and Carter had a great time running around outside.

This bull sculpture is very real-looking!

Yet another bluebonnet picture of Carter's back! But I like this one a lot anyway. :-)

This week was relatively normal after my long work week last week. I got to hang out with Carter all day Monday, and after not being able to do it much last week, I really appreciated it!

It was great to go to Gymboree with him again after missing it last week. I love watching him gradually do new things at the weekly classes we go to. For example, this week during parachute time at the end of class (where the teacher brings out a parachute and we play with it and sing songs), Carter sang along with the songs. Usually he just listens and watches and then sings the songs later at home, but lately he's started to sing along, and it's completely adorable!

Wednesday's swimming lesson went well. We've been swimming with Carter at home in the last week or two, and he loves to swim back and forth between me and Doug. We can stand 6-8 feet apart, and he'll swim the whole way between us, over and over. This week his swimming teacher said she could tell he was getting a lot better at breath control, and was impressed by how far he can swim. This week he even sang along with the girls and participated in the little dances they do, after months of just watching them do it. He's also doing better at following directions from the teacher and staying seated on his mat when it's not his turn.

This is a picture of me and Carter playing at Stay-n-Play after our swimming class on Wednesday. I thought he'd like to wear the elephant ears and nose I made, but he completely refused. So I wore them instead!

One of the things that I'm really loving about being a mom is that I get to play and be silly! It's so much fun!

We've been lazy this week and have gone out to eat a lot. We recently discovered that Carter loves Asian-style noodle dishes, which opens up a whole new world of restaurants we can take him to. He is trying really hard to use chopsticks, and can actually do a decent job of eating noodles that way. I tried to get it on video, but by this point he was mostly interested in playing drums with his chopsticks:

Carter's language development is really interesting to watch. I'm fascinated with the ways he says things, and the the way those gradually change. He started saying "I love you" in the last couple of weeks, spontaneously and very genuinely. He says it while hugging one of us, with a big smile on his face, and it's very sweet. He will also say it to certain toys, to the cats, and so on.

Another thing that's interesting now is his use of prepositions. He uses "on" as a general purpose preposition, like "the windmill on grass" or "the train on the tunnel". He will occasionally use "on" instead of "for", which can be funny. Oddly enough, he says "stand up" instead of "stand on". For example, "Carter stand up chair". He still refers to himself in the third person, though he will occasionally say "I" or "me".

Carter started coughing on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday night we started giving him nebulizer treatments. It seemed to have been triggered by pollen this time, rather than by a cold; he never had a runny nose or anything. The pollen here this year has been insane because of the wet winter. So today (Friday) we just laid around the house and didn't do much. We played, and watched some TV, and snuggled a lot.

Carter is starting to express some interest in using the toilet, but has yet to actually go in the potty or the toilet. He doesn't want to sit on the potty chair at all -- it's all about the big potty! He will even get upset sometimes when I'm on the toilet, and will stand there and cry and say, "Carter pee on the potty!" Except that he never actually does, heh. He just sits there while we sing songs and talk. But he'll generally tell us when he's pooped, and I'm now getting really good at changing diapers standing up. He hates lying down for diaper changes, but he'll cooperate if he can stand. He's also starting to pee a lot every few hours, rather than a little every 20 minutes. His diapers come off either almost dry or completely soaked -- so I think he's almost ready for potty learning.

Tonight Carter wanted to play in the kitchen sink, so I filled it with warm water and some bubble bath, and pushed his tower over like I often do. He likes to splash in the water with spoons and things, and generally makes a huge wet mess. After about 15 minutes I looked over to see that he had climbed INTO the sink and was sitting in the water!

So we made a bath of it, and he played in the sink for an hour.

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