Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring break day 4: Haircut

I love Carter's hair long, but it had been 6 months, and it was getting a little frayed on the ends. I've tried to get it to part across his face, but alas, the poor kid has my cowlicks, so it goes every which way on his head. So it was time to get a trim. I forbade the stylist to take more than an inch off, and she followed my instructions. Here are the before pictures.

Oh, I loved it long like this! *sniff*

He was unenthusiastic about sitting in the chair until he got a lollipop. Even then, he wasn't sure about what the stylist was doing to his head and kept saying, "All done fire truck. Get down!"

But she finally got it cut, and even got some layers in there. It probably looks long to a lot of people, but it's so short to me! Carter's hair grows fast like mine, though, so it'll be long again soon.

We went to Gymboree this morning, and Carter really had a lot of fun. It's been interesting to see how he changes every week, how he participates differently each time. At the end of the class, the kids who want to get stamps on their hands are supposed to go sit on a bench by a particular wall and wait their turn. Carter usually waits for a few minutes, but eventually runs out of patience and gets up to go play some more. But today, he sat patiently and waited his turn. It's funny how little things like that change! Every week he can do more, and say more, and understand more. It's so amazing to watch him change, and to think about how much he's grown!

This is the second day with no nap. (Not in a row, but second in the last week.) From what I hear from other moms, kids often start to drop their nap between 2 and 3, and it can be a long process. His naps have definitely migrated to later in the day, and it's now at the point that I'm thinking I should try to keep him awake rather than let him take a nap at 5:00 pm! Because yes, he does wake up at 7:00 pm, and then he's awake until 11:00. We'll see what happens tonight. We might be able to get him to bed before 8:30, heh.

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Debby said...

Love the new hair sweet...Love you both..Mom/Nana