Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring break: day 1

My spring break officially started Thursday afternoon, and I have almost 10 days before I have to go back to work. It was really nice to wake up on Friday morning and know that I didn't have to worry about what I'm doing at work next week! The weather has turned gorgeous here, and it's finally spring. We can finally be outside!

We went to one of the many local restaurants with playgrounds yesterday, Terra Burger. Carter had a lot of fun playing.

But what he really wanted was for me to play with him, to go down the slides with him, to climb up on the equipment with him. It's actually really fun to have a reason to climb on playground equipment and go down slides! I love to hear his little voice say, "Mommy slide too!"

That morning someone came to the house to replace the motherboard in my computer. Carter was standing in his tower eating a snack and watching while the guy worked on the computer, and then all of the sudden, he started to sob. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he was saying something I couldn't understand. Finally, I realized he was saying, "Mommy computer!" My computer was in pieces all over the table, and he thought it was being destroyed! I guess my computer is really important to him too, poor baby.

I finally got Carter's iPhone (Michelle's old one that she gave him) set up with lots of his favorite applications. He loved the apps on my phone so much that it was getting to be hard to make a phone call without him hanging on my leg and saying, "Play Peekaboo Barn!" He's getting good at working the phone, too. It's amazing to see how quickly he can pick up technology skills. It's also amazing what can be done on a little phone!

This is another cute picture from yesterday. Carter was playing with his bear and suddenly decided the bear had a poopy diaper. He took the bear over to the changing pad and we pretended to clean up the bear and then put a diaper on him. Carter insisted on bringing the bear with us when we went out a little while later:

It's funny how he's starting to do that more and more. At night, he wants his elephant and hippo to sit on his lap and be read to, and when he needs nebulizer treatments, so do they. It's interesting to see him start to care for his toys like that. He gives them hugs and kisses a lot, even the cars and trucks. And he has the cars and trucks give each other hugs and kisses too, and then he says, "So sweet!"

Today was another beautiful day. We got up this morning and decided to go to the Austin Zoo. We went last summer, but it was miserably hot and Carter was actually a little too young to really get a lot out of it. Today it was in the 70s and it was a great day to go to the zoo. Carter seemed to have a good time too, and seemed to like seeing real tigers, lions, bears, and monkeys. There is a train there too, and he had great fun riding it.

There is also a petting zoo, and Carter had a lot of fun feeding the goats.

We couldn't get him to hold his hand flat while feeding them, but luckily the goats were very friendly and didn't bite. His fingers did get sucked in once, but it didn't seem like he got bitten. He really enjoyed it, though, and kept calling the goat food "balls", and saying, "Goat eat balls." LOL.

It was a good day. :-)

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