Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catching up at last!

Okay, I've been a bad blogger lately. Suffice it to say work has been crazy busy. I'm soooo ready for theis semester to end, and though I love my job, it would be really nice to have a year with no new preps. :-P

Anyway, I wanted to post some of the pictures I've taken of Carter in the last week and write about what he's up to. Last time I posted, he was sick. The pictures below were taken the day before his cough took a turn for the worse. It's crazy how fast it happens! One day he has a mild cough, and the next day he can't breathe.

Anyway, these pictures are from a week ago Wednesday when we spent the morning at Brushy Creek Lake Park. Carter was really excited to go look at the lake, and we walked along it for a while. Apparently the huge field next to the lake is covered with bluebonnets in the spring, which I'm really excited to see!

We found a muddy spot and dug in the mud for a while. I showed Carter how we can make things out of mud, and he started making requests for things like cats, dogs, and elephants. He seems to think Mommy can draw anything, make a shadow puppet of anything, makea sound like anything, and sculpt anything out of mud. It definitely challenges my creativity!

There were some people there with dogs, who were throwing balls into the lake for the dogs to go catch. Carter really liked watching the dogs swimming, and got so excited about it that he asked me to make him a mud dog, which he then took to the edge of the lake and dropped in, saying, "Doggie swim!" When it just sank to the bottom, he looked up at me and asked, "Where doggie go?" He really thought the mud dog would swim like the real dogs!

That night we had dinner at a favorite bar and grill with a huge playground. Carter was in heaven with all the toy cars and trucks in the sand pit:

And the next morning, he was getting nebulizer treatments every few hours. Crazy, isn't it? He was feeling better by Friday evening, and we were able to spend some more time outside over the weekend. He loves being outside so much, and I'm really going to take advantage of spring to get him outside as much as possible before it gets too hot.

Of course, there are lots of great indoor places to play around Austin. There's a great inflatables place near us, and we went there on Monday (it was rainy) and had a great time.

He especially likes the foam pit they have there, and I like to get in there with him. It's a lot harder than it looks to move around in there, and let's not talk about the challenge of getting back out again!

Here's a video of us in the pit. I took this with my new iphone, and I need to remember to turn the phone sideways!

He will also now get on the big inflatables, and especially loves when I get in there with him. He's still at the age where playing with Mommy is the funnest thing EVER, and I'm trying so hard to enjoy it as much as I can! This pic is a bit blurry, but so cute:

And here's a little video of him running around the inflatable and then jumping on me, which he did over and over and over.

His language skills are growing so quickly that it's hard to keep up. He always seems to be coming out with things that surprise us, and is really experimenting with putting together sentences that are fairly complex. He also makes up little games to play, and they can be hilarious. For example, he plays this game where he points to a body part and says "Touch ___", and everyone has to touch it. We play it all together and take turns being the leader, but his favorite combination is "touch nose" and then "now flap arms!!!" I have no idea where he got this. If anyone reading this knows, tell me, because it just seemd to come out of the blue.

He has decided that banana pudding is the Best Thing Ever, and requests it a lot. I like it too, and I'm getting a lot of practice making it lately! It's funny how he requests very specific food items, and just assumes that we have them. I'm sure he has no idea where the food comes from!

These were taken in the backyard a couple of days ago. He's turning into a little boy, isn't he?

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