Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 5: Carterisms

Out of the mouths of babes, they say. And toddlers!

Watching Carter make sense of language has been really fascinating and fun so far. It's just amazing to me that toddlers can learn so much so quickly. I read somewhere that when they are at their peak, they learn a new word every 90 minutes. Crazy!

Carter has started saying some cute things, and I wanted to take a moment to record them here before I forget.

"I running", "I helping", "I sitting", etc.: His use of "I" to describe his own actions is really increasing. "I helping" is especially cute, because he's usually saying it while trying very hard to "help" with some task, like sorting laundry or mail, or cleaning up water (that he spilled) on the floor, etc.

"Thank you hug" means "thank you for the hug", and he says it after giving a hug. He got this from us thanking him for hugging us, and now he says it after he gives hugs. It's really cute when he says it to the cats, who are not so enthusiastic about being hugged as the people are. Speaking of hugs, he's really into hugging these days, and it's SO precious, OMG. He'll just randomly come over and say "hug!" and launch himself at the hugee, then snuggle into their shoulder for a few moments before dashing off again

He uses "thank you" a lot, but not in the standard ways. He says, "thank you" when he brings you something, sort of the reverse of what you would expect. We usually say, "thank you" back and he'll often reply, "welcome." He also says "thank you" when someone is holding something he wants. He'll walk over and say, "thank you!" and then try to take the object from them. Which is basically what we do to him, LOL!

"More ___" generally means "I want ____". So he'll say "more 'nana", "more strawberry", "more water", "more video," etc. But it can also mean literally, "I want more ___". For example, the writing of this post was interrupted by a 15 minute singing session during which Carter kept requesting, "More singing, more twinkle!" And we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over...

When he wants to nurse he'll say "milk" (not "more milk", oddly), but when he wants to switch sides he says, "more side". Usually while climbing over me to get to the other boob. I'd heard that toddlers get to a point when they like switching sides a lot while nursing, and he's definitely there!

"One, two, five" is how he typically counts. Every now and then he'll include 3 and 4 in the right spot, and on a good day, he might follow it with a 6, but usually he just goes right from 2 to 5 and stops. But he also uses the expression "one-two-five" to mean "a lot", which is really interesting. For example, we recently were somewhere where there was a fish tank with at least 15 fish in it, and he was really excited about it. When he caught sight of the aquarium he said, "Look! Fish! Look!" ("look" here means "I want to go look", rather than "hey, look at that") and when e got over there he said, "One-two-five!" Fish, one-two-five!", meaning "there are a lot of fish!"

Noises he doesn't like are all "loud", regardless of whether or not they are actually loud. For example, he hates the hissing sound of air being released from something inflatable, and so he says,"loud!"

When he wants you to stop something, liking making a noise he doesn't like (vacuuming, food processor, etc.), he says, "all done." I've tried saying this back to him when he's making a noise I don't like, (I'll say, "Loud! All done!") with some success.

"Nap!" is a funny one. It doesn't generally mean that he wants to take a nap; it means that he wants someone to come into the guest room (where he takes his naps) and snuggle on the bed with him. If you don't go in there when he first asks, he'll climb on the bed and sit there and call, "Nap! Nap!" until you finally come in. Sometimes he wants both me and Doug in there with him, and he will literally try to herd us in there. He'll get one of us in there, then he'll go for the other, making it clear that you are to wait there until he returns. If you leave the room while he's trying to round everyone up, he'll get really frustrated!

And we're in full stacking mode these days. He'll stack anything he can get his hands on. Here, boxes of coffee:

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