Friday, November 6, 2009

Nov 6: A day in the life

This feels like it's been a crazy day. It started out nice: Carter and I sleep in on Friday mornings, as it's the one day of the week there is nowhere we have to be. We got up at 9:00 (Carter slept that late, yes!) and had a leisurely breakfast. I really love Friday mornings for that reason. Nothing particular to do but hang out.

Except that today I did have a lot to do, and once Carter started his nap I started working on things for work -- commenting, grading, writing, etc., and I worked the whole evening, right up until about 20 minutes ago. We're going to LA for the weekend, and I was hoping I wouldn't have to take any work with me. As it turns out, I'm taking a big stack of calc exams to finish grading, boo.

Carter was extra cranky this evening because I couldn't pay much attention to him. I felt really bad about it, but I just had to get work done. He doesn't understand, of course, and kept climbing in my lap and messing up my word docs! But his sweet little face is so hard to ignore when it pops up smiling over the monitor, and when he adds a hug to the deal, I can't resist. There's really nothing like a little toddler snuggling in your lap, is there?

Doug does the bath when he's in town, and that gave me a chance to pack for us. We're so used to traveling at this point that I can pack for Carter and me both in a carry-on bag for the weekend with no problem. Not having to stop to get our bags saves us a lot of time at the airport, and after hours on an airplane, the last thing Carter wants to do is sit and wait for our luggage.

During the bath tonight I heard Carter giggling and shrieking. They were apparently throwing balls at each other and it was just that entertaining! Then I got Carter in his PJs and he had to kiss every stuffed animal in his room goodnight. This is something new, something he started doing in the last week. It's very Goodnight Moon. ;-) He said goodnight to a stuffed koala tonight, and I didn't know he knew the word "koala"!

We're heading to LA tomorrow, and since I'm not taking my computer, I'll try to post from Doug's. There probably won't be pictures until Sunday, unless I can get a few with my phone.

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