Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov 4: Hat!

First, I've started a wish list for Carter for Christmas, for anyone who is planning to get him a gift. I'll keep adding to it in the next few weeks.

Carter has always hated to wear hats, always. He has taken them off his head from the moment he reach his head. So I was really surprised when he not only let me put this hat on his head, but wore it for more than an hour. It's a hat we bought for him for our trip to Europe last spring, but it was too big (and he always took it off any way. He looks like he's ready to go on safari!

I love this one! He was singing "Twinkle" at the time, so his hands are a blur.

I think I posted a week or two back about the little glasses we got him at IKEA. He LOVES drinking out of them, and after a week or so of dumping water on himself (and all over the floor) every time he drank, he's finally mastered these cups. We use them at dinner, and when he's thirsty he'll pull one out of his cabinet and take it to the fridge, and ask us to get him some water. Thank heavens he's not yet tall enough to reach the water dispenser. :-P

Speaking of height, I measured him today and he's about 32 inches tall. I have no idea how much he weighs, but I would estimate around 28 pounds. He's firmly in 24 month sized clothes, but 2Ts are still a little big. 2T pants are about two inches too long right now, but we just roll 'em up!

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Aidan and Emma said...

those are cute pictures!! Talking about reaching the water dispenser, Emma has been able to reach it for a while unfortuneately, but luckily she hasn't messed with it in a while. The few times she did I think she really surprised herself b/c the cold water ended up not only going on the floor but all over her. :)