Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18: Swimming and coloring

Today was a nice day with Carter. He has a swimming lesson on Wednesday mornings at 9:00, and I had to wake him up at 8:30 to get ready to go. He was not very happy about that and was a little grumpy until we got in the car and got going. Like me, he's not a morning person!

Swim lesson went well. The teacher used Carter to demo the next stage in their swimming, in which they swim underwater without any support from us. He swam completely by himself for about 4 seconds, and after that, he refused to swim underwater for the rest of the lesson. I don't think he liked it very much!

After swimming we went to the monthly toddler La Leche League meeting. Usually it's a small meeting, but today there were 7 other moms there, three of whom were tandem nursing toddlers and babies. All the kids played together while the moms talked, and it was pretty cool. At one point Carter got hold of a crayon and was coloring on every available surface with it. I found some paper, but that only held his attention for a little while, and then it was back to trying to color on the wall. I distracted him long enough to get the crayon away, and when he realized what had happened, he came back and said, "crayon?" I tried to distract him again, but he said, "Please? Please?" That was the first time I've heard him say please in the right context. So yeah, I gave him the crayon back. :-)

Since he was so interested in coloring, we did some coloring once we got home. He likes to stand in his tower and do art, and this is handy while I'm cleaning up the kitchen. He does more coloring now than eating crayons, happily.

I love this picture! His hair is growing back out from that too-short cut, and I love it!

I think we're heading slowly towards dropping his nap. It's going to take a while, but today was a day that I thought he wasn't going to take a nap at all, and then he fell asleep at 5:15 and slept until 7:45. I probably could have tried harder to keep him awake a couple more hours and then put him to bed early, but oh well. Now we'll be up late! At least I got some work done during his nap!

I think I mentioned a week or so back that I ordered him some Blueberry training pants. They arrived yesterday, and here they are:

They're so cute! I put the monkey pair on Carter this evening, and he wet them pretty fast, heh. They aren't as absorbent as diapers, but they have a PUL lining, so they aren't instantly soaked through. They're fun for that short period between dinner and bedtime, and he seems to like them.

In this picture he's playing a game where he shakes a sheet or blanket, saying "shake, shake!" and then "stop!" He then holds his finger to his lips and says, "Shhhh." This is something from his music class where they're learning about rests. It's so cute to watch him do it!


Debby said...

He looks so cute in his undies...He looks like he has grown a lot since I last saw him...I am so happy that he is feeling better!!!! Love you both, Mom/Nana

bonbonbanker said...

He is so adorable. I love all of his expressions. I can't wait to see him over Christmas.