Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov 19: Music, hugs, and TV

I usually have class on Thursday mornings, but today my early class didn't meet, which meant I had time to take Carter to his music class, something I haven't been able to do since the summer. The class starts at 9:30 and is just a few miles down the road, but we ended up being late because we didn't wake up until 9:00 am. Actually, I woke up at 9:00 and it took me another 10 minutes to get Carter up and going. He was pretty grumpy about being awakened that "early", LOL.

It was fun to watch Carter in his music class. A couple of the other moms (who are used to seeing him with Michelle) remarked that he really looks a lot like me. I think he does as well, but it's always funny to hear people say it!

After class we rushed home to meet Michelle, so I could head to work to teach my calc class. When we walked in the door Carter saw Michelle and immediately started to cry. Luckily Michelle is very understanding! She's also really good with him, and she asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. That made him happy, and she put him in the stroller and off they went to the park. He doesn't mind going off and leaving me at home, but he hates the reverse!

Tonight Doug came home (from a business trip to Bulgaria, of all places!) and we were having dinner when he got in. Carter was SO excited to see him, and as soon as I got him cleaned up he gave Doug a big hug and kiss. Then I got a hug and a kiss, and then Doug again. It's so wonderful that he's old enough to be affectionate like that. I've read that one of the early signs of autism is that kids don't show affection that way, and it's hard to imagine.

I keep meaning to make a post about his favorite TV shows, and I will at some point, but one thing that I recently realized is that Carter will grow up in a world where he doesn't have to watch commercials. We were watching a Christmas special on TV the other night ("Merry Madagascar", so cute) live. When the commercials came on, Carter was really confused. He kept saying, "More! More lion! More Hippo!" He didn't understand why the show went away, and when it came back after the commercial break, he had already moved on to play with something else. He'd come back and watch again, and then there'd be another commercial break, and again, he'd be confused. It hit me that almost all of the TV he's watched is PBS or Nick Jr or DVDs -- so he hasn't seen his shows interrupted by commercials, ever. On top of that, we have DVRs on all of our cable boxes, so we fast forward through commercials too. He could possibly grow up not watching commercials on TV. I wonder how that will affect the way he sees the world?


Debby said...

Loved that you and Carter Skyped me last night...It made my night!!! I a also thankful that he hasn't forgot his Nana...Love you guys...Mom/Nana

Mattison Grace said...

I think it is great Carter has so many activities going on. He is so well rounded. I try hard on the weekends to do as many activities as I can with Matti.
The hugs and kiss are so welcomed. It is an awesome feeling when they start giving affection and start showing how much they love you! You are so lucky to have someone you trust and Carter likes-Michelle! I wish I could have the same here. It would be so much help. It is hard to find someone you trust and can depend on! If I could hire Mattison preschool teacher to come home with me I would in a heart beat. She is great with her, but she has two babies of her own.