Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 17: Homecoming

I've spent two whole days away from Carter so far this week: ten hours on Monday and seven hours today. Tomorrow we have a whole day together, and I'm so relieved. I need this as much as he does! There's nothing like knowing that tomorrow morning we'll wake up and spend the whole day having fun together. :-)

When I come home after a long day, I come in the door and hear Michelle say, "Who's here, Carter? Is it... Mommy?" Then I hear Carter squeal and say "Mommy, Mommy!" and the patter of little feet coming down the hall. When he sees me, he runs to me and wants me to pick him up and hug him. Walking through that door is the seriously the highlight of my day!

We hang out together for a solid half-hour when I first come home. He nurses and tells me about his day. He brings me books to read, and sits in my lap and we have a chance to reconnect. I took a some pictures of us tonight:

In the mornings when Michelle comes, he knows it means I'm about to leave for the day. He protests immediately, and asks me to nurse him, to pick him up, anything he can think of to keep me there. It's so hard to leave him like that, but he's getting back to the point that he doesn't freak out about it again.

This morning when Michelle came, we were just finishing breakfast. He wanted me to pick him up right away, and after I cleaned him up we sat on the couch to nurse one more time. He looked up at me and whispered, "Mimi bye-bye." He said it several times, and he kept his voice very low, like he didn't want her to hear. She did hear, and she said, "Oh, does Carter want me to go and Mommy to stay?" But when she left this afternoon, he said stood at the door and looked sad and said, "Mimi right back?" He is crazy about her, and we're so lucky to have found her!

Here is a cute picture of him from last night. For some reason, he decided to wear diapers on his arms. He also matched the colors, oddly enough. He would get two orange ones to wear, and then he'd put those down and get two blue ones, then two green ones.

I guess he can match, then!

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Debby said...

What sweet pictures!! You know now how nothing matters but the love your child...your heart melts and swells with love...Your bond will last a livetime and beyond...you and Doug ars so very blessed...I love reading and see the videos and pitures...thanks for letting us share in the wonderful moments!!! Love you Mom/Nana