Sunday, April 5, 2009


A lovely tradition here in Texas is to go out in the spring searching for patches of the state flower, the bluebonnet, and to photograph your children sitting amongst them. I have always thought that was incredibly charming, and looked forward to doing it when we had a family. We just never made it out last year when Carter was tiny, but this year I was determined to get it done.

So this morning we headed out, with visions of finding a beautiful sunny patch of bluebonnets along the way, perfect for photographing. But of course, it was chilly and windy, and we drove a third of the way to Houston before we found a suitable patch of bluebonnets. We parked a long way away and trudged through a field to get to them. I was wearing sandals, SO not the right footwear for that!

Carter was a good sport, and even though it was cold and windy, he seemed to really enjoy crawling around amongst the flowers. Here is a slideshow of the best of the bunch:

We didn't stay out long because it was chilly, and the bluebonnets were far less dense than they looked from the road. So I'm not sure I'd call this a success! And wouldn't you know it? On the way home we saw TONS of beautiful patches of bluebonnets on the north side of the same road, not visible from the other direction. We considered stopping again, but opted to go have lunch in Elgin instead.

Isn't that a cure outfit Carter's wearing? It's one I bought used on eBay. And I discovered this morning when I was picking out something for him to wear that I somehow ended up with TWO of those. I bought them over several months, and I guess I forgot I'd gotten the first when I bid on the second. D'oh...


Debby said...

It looks like he loved the flowers and I love the pictures...Love you Mom.

Taunya D said...

Found your page from the AM board. We also take the yearly bluebonnet pictures. We usually drive out to Fayetteville, but this year we took a drive North to Burnet. It's about the same drive time for us (we live in South Austin), but if you live North it could save you some time next year! Just wanted to share.

And your little one is absolutely adorable!!

Rita said...

So sweet! But I haven't even SEEN any bluebonnets yet. :(