Friday, April 10, 2009

15 months!

I meant to post this 2 days ago, but things got busy. As of Wednesday, Carter is 15 months old! I'm starting to use his real age more and more now, and not adjusting so much. I will occasionally adjust as an afterthought, but he seems to be within the range of a lot of 14-15 month-olds I've met according to what he's doing, so it seems less of a stretch now.

Here are a few pictures from this week. Check out this crazy hair!

And here his eyes seem really blue, for some reason:

Notice he's got one of Doug's wine magazines there. He's been working hard on putting plastic Easter eggs back together after he's pulled them apart, with no success yet:

It's a pretty hard thing to do, though. I talked to someone from Early Childhood Intervention yesterday, and we went over the screening questionnaire. She agreed that there might be some issues with his fine motor skills based on the results of that, and suggested it might be a problem with his eyesight, rather than his motor skills. That's definitely a possibility. He's due for an eye checkup anyway. They're going to send a therapist to do an evaluation of him, and we'll see what happens after that.

He scored very high in the communication/personal/social category, which didn't surprise me. He's a very social little guy, and babbles like crazy these days. Every now and then he'll try to repeat a word, which is really cute. Michelle said he said "stick" the other day when they were playing in the yard. (He loves sticks, anything he can whack on a hard surface to make a noise.) His gross motor skills are pretty good for his adjusted age, though he's not walking yet. He'll occasionally stand alone for a second or two, but hasn't done anything more than that yet. He can get off the couch by himself now, which is really nice because I don't have to hover when he's climbing all over it. I'm not a hoverer, so it's nice not to worry about that any more.

Here is a video of him playing in the dirt. Please ignore the pathetic state of my flower beds.

We've been enjoying spending a lot of time outside lately, and I dread the summer heat coming. We may not be able to do it as much come June. :-(

And this is what he's doing right now, as I write this:

Ha, look how big his feet are in that picture.

Those molars aren't much fun, but a little baby ibuprofen at bedtime really seems to help. I can feel them below the surface on both sides now, though nothing's broken through yet.

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Debby said...

Nana has a hard time putting those Easter eggs together...I love those big blue eyes, like his Mom. The hair is cute...Love you both and Happy Easter!!!!