Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter egg hunt, and more teething

Carter has been sleeping fitfully the last couple of nights, and yesterday I noticed he wasn't eating a lot. Today he also didn't seem particularly hungry for food, but was interested in nursing a lot more than usual. He's also been unusually fussy all day. At dinnertime he kept crying as he ate, and that was when we finally put it all together -- he's teething again.

I managed to get a finger inside his mouth to feel around, and he's getting a molar! I'm not sure if it's broken through yet, but you can definitely feel it on the lower left side. Molars! He's really a toddler now, isn't he? *sniff*

This morning was the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. The kids are divided into age categories, and Carter was in the 0-2 category. Earlier this week I dropped off the requisite dozen plastic eggs, filled with age-appropriate treats. I put some thought into what would be appropriate for toddlers, and ended up putting little individually-wrapped fruit roll-ups and stickers in our eggs.

We got to the park a few minutes before the hunt was to begin. The ground was wet, and so they had put the eggs for the little ones in the gravel around the swings.

Carter was excited by all the people, and seemed anxious to get down into the gravel, even trying to grab up some eggs before it was time. And then this is what happened:

He didn't care a bit about the Easter eggs. I think he picked up one on his own, but that was it! Oh, well. At least he had fun!

We ended up with 5 eggs, 4 of which I picked up for him.

And all but one of them was filled with candy! The one without candy had this tiny little ball in it, perfect size for choking on. I couldn't believe it! Was I the only person who took the age-appropriate thing seriously? :-/

Anyway, it was fun, and it was a beautiful morning for it. Next year I'm sure Carter will be much more interested in finding eggs.

We spent some time in the yard this afternoon. I like to spread out a blanket under the trees and read while Carter crawls around the yard. It's incredibly relaxing, especially on beautiful days like this one. When summer comes I'm going to miss this weather. I took a picture of Carter climbing on his castle slide, and for some reason he looks really big in it:

Isn't that wild? He looks so much smaller in the video above. Doug and I are convinced that he could walk now, but he just doesn't realize it yet. He's crawling all over the furniture, and can get down off the couch by himself. Today I put an air mattress in the living room floor for him to bounce around on (homemade jumping castle) and I was surprised at how good he was at getting on and off it. I think he'll take his first steps by accident, heh. It could happen any time now.

Tomorrow we're going to go searching for bluebonnets to do our bluebonnet pictures. I'm excited!

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