Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing outside

I love living in a warm place. It was 75 today, with a perfectly clear blue sky. I like living in places that skip winter altogether. We just go straight from fall to spring, and I love it!

Carter and I went to the mall this afternoon, and I wore him in the Beco again for the first time since I broke my toe. It was awesome! I'd missed wearing him so much. He's so calm and peaceful when I wear him, and enjoys observing everything around him. We had Chinese food for lunch and looked in children's clothing stores. Why are all the cute Valentine's Day clothes for girls? There was nothing for boys. :-(

After we came home we went out in the back yard to play. Carter was in the swing for a bit.

Then we sat on the blanket and listened to the wind in the trees.

He tried to drink some of my water, but has yet to master the skill of tilting.

Then he ventured out into the grass, checking out every twig and stick,

The garden hose was very interesting, almost like a big green electrical cord!

Then back to exploring. Some old brown leaves were consumed.

And then he got brave enough to crawl all the way across the yard!

I took a video of him wandering about:

It was a lovely afternoon!

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