Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 months, and finally getting the hang of that fork

Today Carter is 10 months adjusted. It's funny that he has two ages, but also that they're starting to seem less distant from each other. There was a huge difference between 2 weeks and 3 months, but 10 and 12.5 months don't seem that far apart. I will probably keep adjusting until he's 2 (which is what the recommendations are), but I sometimes find myself thinking of him as being 1. Of course, when I look at the development charts for 1 year olds, he's not quite there!

Doug got home yesterday afternoon, and Carter was really happy to see him! His face really lights up when he sees his Daddy. Carter has been pretty whiny in the evenings while Doug was gone, but last night he was totally back to normal. So I guess I can assume he was missing Doug, or at least knew something was not quite right at home.

I'm constantly surprised by how perceptive he is. He's starting to recognize and respond to emotions, sometimes in really sweet ways. For example, I was watching a replay of Colbert's election night show yesterday, and at the beginning Colbert was doing this whole schtick where he was crying uncontrollably over Obama's inauguration. I was laughing, and then looked over at Carter to see that he looked very concerned. He was staring at Steven Colbert with his forehead all wrinkled, and he almost looked sad, like he was concerned about why this man was crying. It was so sweet!

On a completely different note, I've been giving him a fork at meals to give him a chance to play with it. Every now and then I'll stab a piece of food with it and hand it to him. For the first few days, he would stare at it quizzically, then pull the food off and eat it with his fingers. But in the last two days, he's started to eat the food off the fork, and will even attempt to stab more food with it (unsuccessfully so far). Here are some pictures from last night's dinner:

It's so cute to see him start to figure these things out!


Mattison Grace said...

He is doing so much better than Matti with utensils. I have been giving her a spoon for a while and she knows what she is supposed to do with it, but she insists on getting more food with scooping it up with her hand and craming it in her mouth. Carter seems to be doing a great job. I have a feeling Carter and Matti will be into everything at the beach in May. It will be so exciting to see them all interact with each other this year. Poor Aidan! Matti already drives him nuts.
Keep the posts coming. I read them every day. I will be updating Matti's blog within the next couple of days. I am very behind.
Give Carter big hug and kisses for me. You will be amazed at what he will do next week-It seems they change over night once they get past that 12 month mark. I am surprised everyday!

Debby said...

I love the picture where he is pulling the meat off of the fork... a true Marion..Papa will be proud!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...