Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'!

As I type this, Carter is rolling all over the living room floor. It's actually pretty amazing how quickly he can get around. He still has a fascination with the power cords for our laptops, and he just spent several minutes rolling and creeping over to the cord for Doug's computer, only to be scooped up by Doug at the last moment. (He wasn't too happy about being thwarted, either.)

The other night he was trying really hard to get under his exersaucer. He never quite made it in, but it was cute to watch him work so hard at it!

His two top teeth are just about through. You can see them just under the gums, and you can feel the edges. He's been spitting up a lot more than usual the last few days, and he will occasionally wake up crying at night, so I know they're bothering him. It's going to be weird to see him with more teeth! I keep seeing other babies with lots of teeth who aren't much bigger than him, but still. :-P

We went to IKEA yesterday and had fun walking around. Doug came to meet us for lunch in the restaurant (Swedish meatballs, yum!) and afterwards I made use of IKEA's baby room to get Carter changed and nursed.

I used to just nurse him wherever, whenever, but he's so easily distracted these days that NIP would be an exercise in futility. We pretty much have to be in a boring place with nothing to see for him to get a good meal. So that means I'm now using those nursing rooms many stores have, or else looking for a quiet corner. But he doesn't often have to nurse when we go out anyway. He's so interested in everything that he doesn't ask for it, and I'm usually busy enough that I forget. And we don't go out for longer than a couple of hours anyway.

Here are a couple more pictures of Carter modeling a sock monkey hat I made for him. So cute!

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