Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mmm, sushi!

As I write this, Carter is doing something he really loves to do: roll around in our junk mail. He crawls around on it, rolls, picks pieces up, and rips them to shreds. I'm not sure why it's so much fun, but it will keep him entertained for many minutes at a time!

He's not yet crawling, but getting better at scooting around on his tummy every day. He will get on his hands and knees and rock, but when he tries to move his legs they fall out from under him. It doesn't keep him him from getting where he wants to go, or from getting into things, that's for sure! He is also starting to pull up more and more and can stand with pretty minimal support (like holding onto a stationary object, without one of us supporting him).

Last night we went out to a new Thai restaurant near our neighborhood, and the food was fantastic. I was really excited because I love Thai food, and there wasn't a Thai restaurant close by until this one opened. So we took Carter for his first experience with Thai food!

We started with a sushi roll (tempura shrimp, so no raw protein), and he really liked it, as you can see:

Most of the good stuff fell out of the middle of the roll right away, but he chewed on what got stuck to the seaweed wrapper for quite a while.

Next up was massumun curry with tofu (my favorite):

The tofu and rice were hits, along with a piece of carrot. That curry is a bit spicy, but Carter didn't seem to notice. He was even sucking the sauce off of the tofu, so I think he liked it. A funny moment happened near the end of the meal when Carter got hold of Doug's bowl of curry and almost turned it over on himself. His reach is a bit longer than we'd previously thought!

This morning Carter and I went to a La Leche League meeting, one I haven't been able to go to before because I'm usually working on Wednesdays. It was fun to talk to other breastfeeding moms, and there was a 6 month old baby there that Carter really hit it off with. It's so cute to watch babies interact with each other!

Finally, last night's weight was 21 pounds even. Wow. He's almost 20 pounds above his birth weight, as amazing as that sounds.

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Debby said...

Remember when you once stated that all the pictures and video we had of you was when you were eating.. but isn't is fun to watch your child explore new food and watch him enjoy everything...I am glad to see history repeating you!