Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick trip to San Antonio

We went down to San Antonio on Friday afternoon to go see AC/DC. You can read more about that experience on my personal blog here. It was the first time in several months that we've left Carter with a sitter in the evening, and we weren't sure how it would go. We found the sitter through a San Antonio nanny agency, and she was really nice. Carter smiled at her immediately, and apparently they had a lot of fun.

At least, until it got close to bedtime. Our bedtime routine is a bath followed by some cuddle time and nursing, and so obviously that is something my presence is required for. The sitter said it was pretty rough, and that Carter didn't really go to sleep until 10:30. Poor baby! The last time he had a sitter at night was back before we were really worrying about a bedtime routine, and he'd just go to sleep whenever he was ready, usually in my arms. He had several sitters who never had a problem getting him to go to sleep in hotel rooms. And he naps for his nanny during the day with no problem. In fact, I think he naps better for her than he does for me. So maybe the problem was more that he didn't know the sitter than the fact that I wasn't there.

But I don't mind that he needs me to go to sleep at night, not at all. This time of his life is going to pass so quickly, and I want to enjoy every moment of it. :-)

We met up with Rita and her son Sam the next morning at a McDonald's for breakfast. It's funny how my perception of McDonald's has changed. Now that they have cafes with decent coffee drinks and really cool playgrounds, they are looking more and more like a place I want to hang out! Here are a couple of pictures:

Sam just turned 2, which is so hard to believe! He's such a happy and active little guy. I hadn't seen him since he really started talking well, and it was neat to hear him say things other than "no" (LOL).

The rest of the weekend has been spent relaxing around the house. We went out for sushi last night, and Carter had some tempura veggies and a piece of a sushi roll. It's so much fun to take him out these days, and he really loves being out in new places with lots of people. Today we've hung out. Carter and I took a nap together, which was nice. Doug is cooking one of my favorite dishes for dinner, a braised beef dish form one of Mario Batali's cookbooks.

Carter's two top teeth are now visible, which means he's over another teething hump for now. He's slept a lot better in the last couple of days, and seems generally happier. He's starting to pull up now and loves to stand. He will hold onto the ottoman and stand for a long time, and will occasionally take steps to either side, but he's not really cruising yet, as you can see in this video:

He is still getting used to falling on his butt, though, and he will start to cry a little every time it happens. The first few times he wailed like he was really hurt, but I think it just scared him. He's getting used to it slowly. :-)

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Rita said...

Ahaha! So cute - the picture where Sam is pointing to the car on Carter's outfit. We all three look good in that pic, if I do say so myself!

*SIGH* I wish we could get together more often so I could see Carter's progress live. It's a lot harder with kids, innit?