Monday, December 8, 2008

Lots of pictures and videos

I haven't posted much video lately, so I tried to take several videos and pictures today for the purpose of posting. Carter loves being outside, and since it was warm today (70) we spent some time in the backyard.

Here he is in his swing.

And here is a little video of him swinging. This one might make you a little seasick, sorry!

I wanted to get a good video of him creeping, and this is about the best I did. He was trying to get to my laptop.

Here I was trying to get him crawling again, but this turned out to be even cooler. He is moving toward the couch, and when he's almost there he rolls onto his back and starts signing "milk" (he opens and closes his hand several times). He then kept crawling to the couch, to the spot where I usually sit to nurse him. Signing is really hard to get on video, so this was pretty lucky!

And this one shows how he mostly gets around, by rolling.

We wrapped up the afternoon by making cupcakes. Carter is "helping". :-)

Those were all for you, Mom! Enjoy! :-)

Finally, Carter is 11 months old today. That's just waaaay too close to one year. OMG, where did this year go???

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Debby said...

Such a sweetie...I love the videos and the pictures..Miss you all so much!!!