Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend at home

Doug is home this weekend and will be home all week, so we've taken advantage of the opportunity to just hang out together. We got in the pool yesterday:

Carter seems to like the pool, though he doesn't squeal with glee or anything. He seems really relaxed and observant. He likes to look up at the trees and kick his feet underwater. It's interesting!

After swimming, we had some plum, which Carter basically just spit out and then cried until I nursed him. My strategy has been to offer him food when we eat, as I want to emphasize the social aspect of eating -- but when he's hungry he really just wants to nurse.

We've been cooking a lot this weekend, and Carter likes to watch. He seems keen to participate already.

Last night at dinner we offered him another green bean, but he was much too interested in his sippy cup, and he basically ignored it.

We went out to lunch today at The Oasis, a restaurant looking out over the lake.

Carter grabbed for the chips and manged to snag one.

He munched on it a bit, but didn't like it when pieces broke off in his mouth. He grabs at everything he can these days, especially if it's something one of us is holding or showing interest in. On the way out of the restaurant we paused to show Carter some flowers, and he immediately snagged a handful of petals and stuffed them in his mouth! I think it will be a while before he figures out what is edible and what is not.

We still need to get a video of Carter standing. He can stand (with support) for quite a long time, and under certain circumstances can pull himself up. If I sit holding him on my lap facing me, he will pull himself to standing by pressing his face into my chest and pushing his legs straight, then pushing up with his arms. If I hold him on my chest and sit back, he'll twist himself over onto his back and then push his feet down and his hips up, trying his best to stand. It's just so amazing to watch him start to be able to control his position, and to have a very strong opinion about where he is and what he's doing.

Here's a picture some of you got via phone:

I got him a baby laptop. I just couldn't help myself! :-P

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