Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Having some nekkid time!

I have read in several places that it's good to give babies some naked time. It's apparently good for their butts to get some air, but it's also helpful for them to master movement with no clothing in the way. I recently bought a "naked mat" from someone online (basically just a fleecy quilt with a layer of PUL in the middle to make it waterproof) and we've been trying it out.

We've been playing a rolling over game that he's especially good at naked. I haven't figured out how to capture that on video, so you'll have to take my word for it! Basically I put him on his tummy and he immediately rolls onto his back and smiles. I clap for him. Rinse and repeat. He seems to enjoy it! He also has really been wanting to stand lately, and that's been fun. He likes it when I help him dance, too. When Doug gets back, we'll definitely capture that on video.

Carter REALLY likes being diaperless. He seems to enjoy being able to play with his feet without anything getting in the way, and he also enjoys tugging on various extruding body parts that are normally covered by clothing. But the funny thing about naked time is that he will pee literally every 3 or 4 minutes. That diaper you see in the picture wasn't just for modesty. I have to keep one on hand to mop the pee from his face at regular intervals.

I don't know if he is just enjoying peeing into the air or if he really pees that often in his diaper. He seems to be doing it somewhat intentionally, though. He'll get a look of concentration on his face and then a stream of pee will come flying over his body, usually hitting him right in the face. o_0 At least urine is sterile, ya know? But it's sort of annoying to have to wash the mat every time we use it.

Here is a video of him petting the most patient cat in the world. Seriously, Lucy gets an award for Best Cat Ever for putting up with this sort of thing. (Sorry this video is so dark -- my living room doesn't have much light. Also, sorry the volume on the stereo was so loud! We were listening to Sara Hickman.)

She actually lies near him intentionally, whenever she can. She's either completely a masochist, or very desperate for attention, poor kitty.

Here is another short video, showing him unfastening his diaper. He usually doesn't get a chance because he has clothes on. I think this is why so many cloth diaperers prefer snaps on their diapers!

In other news, I've been sick for the last couple of days. I even called in sick to work today, something I hardly ever do. I picked up some miserable cold somewhere. I thought Carter was sounding a little congested last night, but he seemed fine today. So maybe he won't get sick after all. Yay for all the antibodies in breastmilk!

Carter is well into his six-month growth spurt, the one that famously disrupts babies' sleep. He seems to wake up every two hours to nurse overnight, and just started doing that in the last week or so. I'm not sure how long this phase will last. Julie said it was about 6 weeks for Matti, and Donna said Emma has just gotten to this point.

Since we co-sleep, it hasn't been that big a deal. We nurse side-lying, so all I really have to do is help him latch on and then go back to sleep. If he were in a crib in another room, I can see how it would be really painful to have to deal with the frequent wakings for several weeks!

And he's just woke up and is smiling at me. Guess it's time to wrap this up and cuddle with him a bit. :-)

Oh, and weight tonight was 18.6 pounds.


Rita said...

18.6 lbs! Sam only hit 19 lbs at 10 months!

That nekkid pad sounds cool. Of course, all my doggone house is carpeted and I have no enclosed backyard, so nekkid time is not very feasible. He does enjoy it when I grant it to him - and of course he whizzes all over the carpet.

Yay for all the antibodies in breastmilk!

Yeah, whatever. :P I'd just like to point out that my exclusively formula-fed son almost never got sick, whereas I got sick quite a few times. Even now when he's in daycare, he never seems to get sick.

Mattison Grace said...

Carter is really putting on the weight. Good for him. Matti only weighed 19 1/2 pounds last visit which was 9 month. Carter is catching up to her fast and may even surpass her. Nekkid pad sounds like fun. I wish I done that with Matti. Now, of course we would probably have pee pee everywhere. She won't be still long enough.
Ooohhh, that six month growth spurt with several night wakenings. You are right, it would have been much easier on me if we were co sleeping. We tried, but Matti just would not let me have any room in the bed, plus working every day took a toll on me. It seems like it took at least five or six weeks for her to get over that stretch. Now she pretty much sleeps through the night again. Every now and then she will wake up around 5 or 5:30am eeekkk....
I am glad you are feeling better and Carter is well. We are thinking about you guys and I cannot wait for the holidays to roll around so we can visit again.