Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mmmm.. steak!

Doug cooked filet for dinner, and we decided to cut off a piece for Carter to try. He really seemed to like it! He sucked on his piece for a long time. He would put it down every now and then and play with his toys for a bit, and then pick it up again and suck on it some more. We gave him a bit of salad, and he seemed to like that too -- but once he had the steak, it was long forgotten!

Here is a video:

The thing I'm really loving about this feeding approach is that Carter just eats what we eat. We're giving him something to try from our own plates, which is SO much easier IMO than making or buying separate food. It will be a while before he actually consumes anything more than the juices he sucks off, but again, that doesn't matter at the moment. :-)


rita said...

Awesome! Chow down, steak boy!

A big hunk o' meat is good because they can suck on it and get the juices, but they're unlikely to actually bite off any of it and swallow.

I'm so glad you're doing the baby-led approach! It just makes so much more sense. Whenever I see advice about "cut the food up into small pieces," I always think, "Are you INSANE? They'll choke on that!"

bonbonbanker said...

I will show this clip to Papa is so cute....he does have some Marion in him Ha Ha