Sunday, October 19, 2008

One week later...

Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted! This week felt really busy.

Carter seemed calmer and quieter this week after several weeks of being especially fussy. He can now sit on the floor and play quietly by himself, something he really couldn't do a week ago.

He's still not overly interested in eating. He's starting to watch us when we eat and will occasionally try to grab food out of our hands or off our plates. But he's still not sure what to do with food. He likes to suck on big pieces, but if any small pieces come off in his mouth, he'll gag a little and spit them out. I tried giving him some baby puffs, thinking it would be good to help him with his fine motor skills. He put one in his mouth, made a face, and spit it out again. I've given them to him daily since, and he hasn't tried to eat one yet. Actually, I don't blame him for not liking them. They don't taste like much of anything. :-P

So I'm guessing it will be a couple of months before he starts to eat for real. From what I've read, that's totally normal. Actually, I'm relieved -- breastmilk is the most calorie-dense food he can eat anyway, so the more of it he gets, the better. I really love the idea that he gets to decide when he's ready to eat, though. Very cool!

Here are some pictures from the last week. We went out for Chinese and Carter enjoyed chewing on the chopsticks:

Donna linked me to some cute hand-knitted baby hats, and it inspired me to start knitting again. I made this pumpkin hat for him to get started:

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year? :-D As I said above, Carter can sit and play pretty well on his own now. We don't even have to hover over him. Unless he's trying to reach for things far away from him, he maintains his balance really well.

The outfit he's wearing there was the first baby outfit I ever bought for him -- back in 2001, right before we started trying to conceive. It hung in his closet for nearly 7 years before he got to wear it.

Buying baby clothes is a lot of fun. I don't buy much any more, because it's like setting money on fire, but every now and then something really catches my eye, like this Kiss shirt:

Look at this sweet face:

I have promised Doug I will stop buying diapers, because I have plenty to last us until he's potty trained. I have 23 one-size diapers, in fact. I mostly use pocket diapers these days, but I occasionally like using old-fashioned prefolds. Especially when I can use a cool cover like this one:

Yes, that is custom embroidered black leather! Is that not the coolest thing EVER? :-D

Here is a cute video of Carter and Mom from last weekend:

And finally, Carter currently weighs 19.4 pounds. He will likely be close to 20 pounds by Halloween. I can't begin to wrap my brain around that.


Debby said...

Love the hat, but when you drag this picture out when he is sixteen,... well he will not be happy.. but he can't deny how cute he looked...Love you guys... Nana

hadjare said...

We tried the puffs first too and it wasn't that successful. What did work and seemed to inspire more interest was cheerios. For one, they melt faster than the puffs. Eventually I made a "mix" of cheerios, puff and kix (which is the hardest texture of them all). In case, a box of cheerios is cheaper and they seem to like them more. :)

Mattison Grace said...

OMG! You know me I love the Kiss shirt. That is too cute and the pumpkin hat is absolutely precious. I was watching the video of Debby and Carter and I noticed he likes looking upside down like Matti does. I guess they like looking around at different angles.
Matti did not like Puffs at first either. She ate Cheerios and loved them. Puffs came later. I think it is because of the wangy taste that they give.
Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I cannot wait to see Carter!