Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sunday, Fun with Mirrors

We've had a lovely weekend just hanging around the house. Doug cooked dinner for us last night, and Mom and I played with Carter. He seemed very interested in his own reflection, and would smile and make faces at himself in the mirror:

Later we handed him the mirror and he had fun watching himself:

He was doing this funny thing with his tongue, which I'm pretty sure is the movement babies make when nursing. You just usually don't see it like this, heh.

He's been doing that a lot today too. He seems to find it entertaining!

He's had fun walking, as seen in the last post. We took him out on the deck to walk a bit, and his feet got dirty:

It doesn't show up so much in the picture, but they were really dirty! I guess you might be wondering why I would post a picture of dirty feet? This is literally the first time his feet have ever been dirty. Crazy, huh?

This morning Carter had a nice long nap with Nana:

We had breakfast, during which Carter tried some bacon, and went for a walk. We had BBQ for lunch, and Carter tried some sausage. The meats have been such a big hit. I'm sure I shouldn't be feeding him smoked meats (nitrates), but he's not swallowing any of it. :-P

Right now we're hanging out and watching HGTV. Mom is trying to bounce Carter into a nap, and Doug is watching football upstairs. It feels like a sleepy Sunday afternoon!


Mattison Grace said...

Look at those cute chunky feet. Oohhh I love it. You can see how dirty they are. Ha
Matti started doing that with her tongue right before her teeth popped out. I wonder if he is getting his bottom teeth. She still does it a lot. Although it may be the breastfeeding thing also. She seemed to rub her bottom gum a lot with her tongue.
He is the still the cutest thing. I still cannot get over how much he has grown. It is hard to believe that we will be celebrating 1st birthdays in a couple of months. Wow-where did the time go.

Debby said...

Nana misses you all very much!! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!!! 5 weeks until I see you all again...can't wait..Love, Nana.