Saturday, October 11, 2008


Mom is here this weekend, and we're enjoying hanging out and watching Carter. The big news today is that Carter really, really wants to walk. Check this out:

I'm not ready for that yet! I can't believe I just had to add a tag for walking to this blog...

Mom brought him a cute little outfit, along with a hat that looks just like the kind my grandfather used to wear. When he was first born I thought he looked just like my Grandpa Christian. :-)

He really is becoming a little monkey. He wiggles around and loves hanging upside down. I think he is starting to like being able to control his physical position. He definitely lets you know if he wants to be in a position other than the one he's currently in!

This morning Mom went with us to the farmer's market, where the World Breastfeeding Challenge was held. At 11:00 there were 103 babies nursing at once! Last year Austin had the most of any city, but I have no idea where we'll rank this year. Here are some pictures:

Ready, set, latch!

Here is a short video to give you a sense of the crowd. You don't often see so many babies being carried in slings and wraps at once, or so many babies and toddlers being breastfed. It was really cool!

And Carter fell asleep mid-play on the way home.

I'll post more photos later, but right now I think I'll join Mom and Carter, who are having lots of fun playing!

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Mattison Grace said...

Look at him go. Looks like he will be running before he starts walking. He is fast! Such a cutie!