Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

I'm working on Friday this week instead of Wednesday, so I'm home with Carter today. He's currently sleeping on my lap, which means it's internet time for me. :-D

I meant to post these earlier, but didn't get around to it last week. When Mom was here, she took a bunch of pictures. Most of them are posted to her Facebook, but he also gave them to me to post on Flickr. Here they are as a slide show:

Here is a cute video she took of Carter in the Exersaucer:

Carter has been protesting dirty diapers a lot more recently. Up until now, he hasn't really cared if his diaper was dirty, but just in the last week or so he has started pitching a fit after pooping. He'll screech and arch his back like he's really uncomfortable. It's such a new thing that I still have a hard time remembering to check his diaper first! And since he's still exclusively breastfed, his poop isn't all that smelly, so it's not always obvious he's pooped. I'm not sure why he's doing this now. If he were eating solids, I would guess something in his poop was irritating him. I haven't changed my diet. He doesn't had a diaper rash -- he's never had one. I have no idea!

He's getting a little better at the pincer grasp, though he still won't eat puffs. I may try Cheerios instead, as a commenter suggested. He will get a taste of food when I'm eating something appropriate for him. I make sweet potato fries every now and then (cut sweet potatoes into fry-shaped pieces, toss with a little olive oil, and roast in the oven) and he really likes those. He also likes most veggies, which really encourages me to cook them more often. But he mostly just plays with his food and doesn't eat anything. The rule is "Before one, it's just for fun." He seems to be taking that literally!

No signs of teeth yet, but in the last couple of days he's definitely been chewing on things pretty vigorously. I gave him some teething tablets last night, but I honestly have no idea if they helped. He has also started biting me while nursing - yeowtch! He does it when he's done or not really hungry, so it hasn't yet interfered with our regular nursing much. He will clamp down on the nipple with his gums, to which my response is to say "Ow!" and take him off the breast, and not offer again for at least ten minutes. I'm glad he started doing this before he got teeth, so I can break him of it now. :-P

Our nursing relationship is really great, though, and I'm hoping to nurse him until he's 2, per World Health Organization recommendations. Sometimes I look at him and think about the fact that he is totally, completely made out of me -- every cell in his body is made almost completely of stuff he got from my body. That is so, so amazing. :-)

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Mattison Grace said...

He looks so happy now in the exersaucer. He is doing what Matti used to do. Jump around and babble and squeek every now and them. HA He is adorable.
The sound of the sweet potato fries prompted me to pick sweet potatoes at the grocery store tonight. I bet Matti would love those. I am running out of ideas for her. She is starting to be very picky. Please keep posting the ideas you have used. It helps me out a lot.
It sounds to me like he might be teething. Matti's two bottom teeth seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Keep checking those gums and one morning they will be just sticking out. It is amazing.
Tell Carter that cousin Julie says he is a CUTIE!