Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you know what that subject line means, you'll know why this post is taking a long time to type!

We've had a good weekend, though we haven't done much. I woke up with a headache today, the sort that only goes away with a good nap. It was mid-afternoon before I had a chance to take one. And that also means not much has gotten done around here today! We meant to get out with Carter, but I didn't feel well enough. :-(

Carter had a pretty good week, though. He's got such a strong little personality now. He's remarkably stubborn and headstrong, which I think is a good thing. Sometimes he has a huge burst of energy, and if he could I'm sure he would love to run in circles. At other times, he'll sit and play quietly, studying his toys carefully and almost seeming introspective. I wonder if I'm getting a glimpse of the little boy he's going to be.

I got him a doorway jumperoo about a week ago, and he's just starting to get the hang of it. Our doorways downstairs are too tall for it, so I had to find a place upstairs to put it. This turned out to be ideal, though. I hung it in the master bathroom, in the doorway into our closet. That's right next to the shower, so it's now the place he plays while I'm showering and getting dressed.

Here's a video. He's starting to figure out how to bounce!

He's slowly getting more interested in eating. Meals are fun, though messy, We just give him bits of what we're eating, and he mostly plays with the food. It's actually made meals a lot more fun, since we aren't having to wolf down our food before he starts crying, or having to eat while holding him. He is entertained by his food long enough that we can have leisurely meals again!

He's tried a lot of new foods lately, but here are a few I took pictures of. He had hummus a few nights ago when I was having it for dinner, and he really seemed to like it. I put it on a spoon and handed the spoon to him, and he really liked that.

It's interesting doing the self-feeding from the beginning like this because we've never spoon-fed him. He wouldn't let us at this point anyway; he'd just grab the spoon. As you can see, he ended up wearing quite a lot of the hummus.

A few days later, I decided to try some teething biscuits for a snack. He really liked them, but WOW are they messy!

Watermelon was a big hit. He sucked the juice out of his piece until it disintegrated in his hand.

Last night we had steak, baked sweet potatoes, and steamed carrots, and we gave him a little bit of each. He loved the steak, as always, and sucked on that little piece of meat for a long time. He kept going back to it after trying other things. This was the first time he's had carrot, and he really seemed to like it. We had steamed some whole carrots and just gave him a chunk. He actually ate some of that.

So he basically had dinner with us, and ate everything we did! :-) He's starting to get the hang of the sippy cup with a straw, which is great when he's in the high chair. When he gets of sippy cup of breastmilk, Michelle (his nanny) usually just puts him on the floor on his back and hands it to him, and he can hold it and drink out of it all by himself. In fact, he can empty it pretty quickly. But when he's sitting up, he can't tilt it up enough to get liquid out. The straw makes it much easier. Here is a little video from the end of dinner, but he's mostly playing at this point, rather than eating.

He's getting so big! His weight is still hovering around 19.5 pounds. I thought he might hit 20 pounds by Halloween, but he didn't gain anything this week, so maybe not. We'll see! He's growing up so fast, now a bit more than 7 months adjusted age. It's strange how many "baby" things he's now too big for. It's funny how much baby gear you can have that you really only need for a few months. It seems like time passes so slowly in the beginning, and then you blink and all of those swings and bouncy seats are too small.

Here is one more picture from the weekend, of him and me after watching the UT game. Hook 'em, horns! Still number 1 in the country!


Laura McEwan said...

Does it count if I know what NAK means? :D

He's SO freaking adorable, I want to pinch those cheeks and tickle those toes. You are looking quite beautiful yourself, dear.

Debby said...

I love the picture of you and Carter with your Texas shirts on...Love Nana B