Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween, rolling, and... talking?

Last night, Carter surprised us by rolling onto his tummy for the first time. Actually, I have yet to see him do it -- I put him on his back, and the next time I looked at him he was on his belly! I was sure he could do it, but that he just didn't want to do it, heh.

Today was my day with Carter. Every other day this week I'm working at least a few hours each day, so I tried to enjoy this one to the fullest. We went to a playgroup at a park, and all the moms dressed their babies in their Halloween costumes. Here is Carter in his puppy costume:

We put all the babies on a blanket together in their costumes so we could take a picture, but getting them all to sit there and not fall over or cry turned out to be impossible! I took this photo, just as Carter fell over (he's on the left):

I gave up on photos and decided a video would be more fun.

Aren't they adorable? After the picture, Carter played in the grass for the first time. He seemed fascinated, and amazingly enough, he never tried to eat any!

I love watching him discover things. He's in this phase where he's very curious about the world, and it's so much fun to watch!

On a different note, when we got home, I was nursing Carter on the couch and Lucy hopped up to say hello. Carter is really into the cats these days, and always smiles when he sees them. He looked right at Lucy and grinned and said, "Hey, kiki." I was totally surprised and thought maybe I just imagined it, so I repeated what I thought he'd said, "Hey, kitty." And then he said it again: "Hey kiki".

So rather than Mama or Dada, Carter's first word seems to be "kitty"! :-D


Debby said...

How cute is Carter. I love the doggy outfit. The outing looked like fun.. I know you had a great time. How old were the other babies??? love ya, Mom

bonbonbanker said...

How cute is this? I love the video of him pulling the grass and looking without trying to eat it...
The costume is precious...such great times....

I love kiki...unbelievable that is his first word....

Anjela said...

Kiki!! Awww! Wow, first word already? He's getting so big! :D