Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How can it almost be November?

I mean, really -- where has the time gone? It's crazy!

Carter has been going to bed with us between 8:00 and 9:00 for months now. In the last week or so, he's started getting sleepy between 6:30 and 7:00, and would often end up falling asleep on the couch and taking a nap that would then push his bedtime back to 10:00. I thought he might be telling me he was ready for an earlier bedtime, and so we've tried that the last few nights.

He starts to get tired around 6:45, and I've been taking him up when he seems ready. He's been falling asleep between 7:15-7:30 for the last few nights. Sometimes he'll stay asleep until we come to bed, at which point he just snuggles in with me and stays right on sleeping. Other times he will wake up an hour later, and we'll just go on up to bed. So far, he's gone right back to sleep when he does wake up, so I think the earlier bedtime is what he needed. I think he's sleeping through the night. It's hard to tell, because we cosleep and so I don't necessarily wake up when he nurses. But I don't remember him doing much nursing at night lately. It doesn't bother me either way, heh.

He's now sleeping about 12 hours at night, and we're now in the process of re-figuring out how much napping he needs during the day. Some days he will take two two-hour naps, and other days he'll take three half-hour naps. He has yet to take a nap today, and he really needs one. We may go for a ride in the car after I type this up...

Feeding is still going well. He had some broccolini last night, and he really seemed to enjoy it:

I think he also finally ate some puffs yesterday. He usually just plays with them, but yesterday afternoon some had definitely disappeared. For a long time he didn't seem convinced those were food. He tasted one once, spit it out, and then just played with them. They don't taste like much, to be honest. They're like little tiny rice cakes. :-P

Here are a couple of cute videos. In the first one, Carter is "petting" Lucy, who is still the World's Most Patient Cat.

I don't know why I think this is funny. Squeaky gums!

Still no sign of teeth. Thankfully. I'm not ready for that yet!

Weight check: 19.6 pounds.

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