Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photo post!

Here are some pictures and videos of Carter taken in the last couple of days. I'm really enjoying watching the blogs of the two other new babies in my family too: my sister's daughter Emma Stovall and my cousin's daughter Matti Newton. Both are using those blogs to post pictures and videos, and it's so cool to get to watch those two babies who live so far from me grow and change. :-D

Here are some photos from a bath the other night.

Compare to this photo from a couple of weeks ago. See how much chubbier he is now?

And after the bath:

I've been getting some pirate-themed baby clothes lately. So cute! Carter's going to have to be a pirate for Halloween this year, I think. :-)

And finally, some new video. The first is during a recent bath, and the second is right after that bath. Enjoy!


Debby said...

Nana loves the pirate theme outfit...I love the color...You have really grown...Nana can't wait to see you....I love you and miss you!!!!
Nana B

Mattison Grace said...

He is chubby! Those legs and cheeks are precious! I cannot get over how fast he has grown over the past few months.
Bath time is always a special time around here. It is a great way to end the day and spend time with Matti without any interuptions. Matti seems to enjoy it.
Carter, is such a cute little boy. His little outfits are precious. I am still so excited about getting them all together at the beach and see how they all interact with each other.
Give Carter a kiss from us and we are counting down the days until we can see him again!
Julie & Matti