Tuesday, April 8, 2008

13 weeks -- 3 months!

Carter is 13 weeks old today, and exactly three months. Three months ago today was one of craziest days of my life, followed by two more months that were stressful and bewildering, and that changed my perspective on so much in life.

Three months on and we've settled into a routine. Basically, the routine is that I follow Carter. When he's hungry, I feed him; when he sleeps, I either sleep or desperately do laundry or dishes. It's interesting how difficult it can be to get things done with a small baby. I'll frequently get halfway through something and then have to pause to pick him up or feed him. And the funny thing is, I totally don't mind. I would much rather go to him when he needs me, you know?

We haven't made any more progress on breastfeeding in the amount he's getting. It's still hovering right around an ounce. At the same time, he seems to be taking close to 3 ounces at each feeding now (though he'll also frequently take an ounce and a half and go to sleep for an hour). What I've started doing, though, is nursing him as often as possible. I try to nurse him more times than I pump every day, with the idea that it will help him better associate nursing with food. I keep expecting him to suddenly start taking a whole feeding overnight. It hasn't happened yet...

But in the meantime, here is the ribbon we've earned for 3 months of breastfeeding. :-D

Doug is out of town right now, and though it's harder to be alone with Carter than it is when Doug is here, it's not all that bad. I have to take things at a slower pace since there's no one else to hold, feed, or change Carter. After a feeding he'll nap in his bassinet or vibrating seat for a while, which allows me to get some stuff done. I just have to relax and adjust my expectations, basically.

And now for some pictures:

I just got a new Hotsling, but he's still a bit too small to ride around in it comfortably. I keep putting him in it to see, though. The cool thing about the Hotsling is that it's quick to put on and take off. When he gets a bit older I think it'll get a lot more use than the Moby.

I love how he looks surprised in this one!

The Moby is awesome for going out now though. Carter falls asleep instantly and stays asleep in it. I don't know how long he'll do that, but we're trying to take advantage of it! We went to a Japanese steakhouse on Friday night:

And we went to The Oasis for lunch on Saturday. The picture is too dark, but isn't the lake lovely in the background?

And here is Carter with Stephanie, one of my grad students:

Stephanie defended her dissertation yesterday and Carter was there, in the Moby. He slept the whole time! I'm really loving this babywearing thing, I tell ya.

Oh, and here's a cute video of him taken on Sunday.

Doesn't he look like Doug? I think he's looking more and more like his daddy. :-)


Mattison Grace said...

Congratulations on the hard work- Breast Feeding! Carter does look like Doug. I am sure there is some Jenn in him somewhere.
I absolutely love the hotsling. I wish I had of thought of that when Matti was smaller. It allows you to have both hands free while he is all snug. That is ideal when you are dining out or just need a free hand. I also understand about housework, etc. I only do it if she is napping otherwise I want to play with Matti.
I love reading about little Carter. He looks like such a laid back baby. I am glad Carter is doing well. We are counting down the days to the beach. I cannot wait to see him in person!

Debby said...

I love the pictures and video!!! Grandpa Rick says that if you put a laptop in his lap he would look identical to his dad!! He has grown so much. Have you weighed him lately? I can not wait to see him in two weeks.. I need to get my hugs and kisses in....

Love you all so much!!! Nana B

Pam Marion said...

Happy 3 month BD!Thank you for the birth announcement.As I shared with my co-workers, two of the ladies exclaimed, "he looks just like his daddy!".I can not believe his "double-chin", that's a Marion trait!I miss you guys so.......

Love, Great Aunt Pam