Tuesday, March 25, 2008

11 weeks!

Carter is 11 weeks old today! He'll be 6 and a half pounds by the end of the week, and so I've decided it's time to move on from the preemie clothes. This weekend I'll pack those up and we'll bring out the newborn sizes. It's time, hard as it is to believe. He's outgrown some of the smaller sleepers, and the rest are starting to get a little tight. He's even outgrowing his diapers! The preemie prefolds are too small now -- he's starting to pee through them. Remember this diaper cover?

It's too small for him now! Last night he had it on and when I picked him up to feed him at one point, he was all wet on one side. Leaks have been rare with these diapers, so I was surprised. But when I opened up his sleeper, I saw that the cover had come undone -- and I really couldn't manage to fasten it in a way that it wouldn't come undone again. So it's time to retire that cover! I'm also going to switch to the infant prefolds and just use the preemie prefolds to stuff pocket diapers. So I'll get more use out of them. My little pea is growing!

I went to the Carter's store this afternoon to buy some newborn stuff, and that helped ease the blow. I have a lot of cute newborn-sized clothes, and I'll have to take lots of pictures of him in them.

In the meantime, check out this video of him this evening. This cute little bear rug was made for him by a friend, and it's perfect for tummy time. :-D


wklovelace said...

What a cutie!! My youngest is 19 years old and I still call him sweet pea.....

Mattison Grace said...

Carter does such a good job on his tummy. I am so impressed. You are so patient and calm while he is on his tummy. As soon as Matti started to cry I turned her over. I thought I was hurting her. I got over that and now we do tummy time with no problem, luckily.
Keep up the good work! He will be crawling before you know it.