Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing in cursive

A couple of weeks ago, Carter decided he wanted to learn to write in cursive. And so he proceeded to teach himself. I printed out a cursive alphabet and he spent hours copying it. When he'd mastered the letters, he started asking for examples of how to join up the letters to make words. He did this completely on his own, and it's just amazing.

It's definitely done in his own unique style, but it's readable! It's really cursive! The whole thing has kind of blown my mind, really. I'm not even sure kids need to learn cursive at all; keyboarding seems a much better skill. And then my 4-year-old goes and learns it on his own.

Here are a couple of videos:

YouTube Video


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1 comment:

Paige Dula said...

Sadly, his cursive is already better than mine. {sigh}