Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaBloPoMo 29/30: Reading, crafts

I've been meaning to post about our "Word of the Day" project for a while now. We started doing this back in October, and it's been a lot of fun. I bought some word strips at a teacher store and we've been using them to write down a new word about every day. Carter helps choose the word, and it's usually something relevant to what we did that day. Michelle does them many days she's here, and it's fun to come home and see what the new word is.

Carter doesn't write the word, but he can usually tell us how to spell it. We sound it out and write all the letters, and sometimes add a picture. We then tape them on the pantry door (which is getting full). Carter likes talking about them, and almost always recognizes them in other contexts when he sees them, so I think it's really helping his reading along.

Here is a video I took tonight of him talking about his words. You can tell that he knows a lot of them by sight, but he's also pausing to sound out some of them.

I was on campus all day, and when I came home Carter and Michelle had a craft project spread out on the kitchen island. They'd made ornaments for his playroom tree! I thought they were really cute. I'll post a picture of the tree when they get it decorated.


You can see that today's word of the day was "glitter".


That's it for today. One more day and I'll have done NaBloPoMo once again! :-D

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