Monday, November 28, 2011

NaBloPoMo 28/30: Orlando Day 4

We're home in Austin now after a relatively uneventful travel day. I'm sad the trip is over because we had so much fun, and I'm not exactly sure when we'll be back in Orlando. I don't think we'll go on Thanksgiving weekend again; we're definitely ready to see the parks in a less crazy state!

Here are some pictures from Sunday. We decided to take it easy in the morning, and then went to brunch at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We stayed there the first year and really enjoyed it, though it was insanely expensive. Our brunch was good and Carter ate an insane amount of food. I'm still not sure where he put it all! Afterwards, we walked around the hotel and let Carter play some.



As usual, he was far more interested in climbing on the rocks than looking at the animals.



One thing I love about the Disney properties is that all the bathrooms have kid-sized sinks. What a great idea!


I also love that this hotel has a playground. I wish ours did!


Carter also got some good Daddy time.


We went back to our hotel for the afternoon. Here is a picture of one of the pools at the hotel. The water was a little chilly even though it was 80 degrees, so we never actually got in.


The hotel had an awesome little beach though, and Carter had a great time playing there.



We also saw some skywriting! We've actually seen skywriting every trip, and the messages are always religious. I'm guessing it's the same guy?


That night we went to Epcot for the evening. We ate Japanese food and walked around the world showcase area. Every time I go to Epcot I enjoy it more. There's still so much I haven't seen there. I think it's my favorite of the Disney parks!

Here is the big Epcot Christmas tree. Carter and Doug are in front of it, but you'll have to take my word for it.


Here we are waiting for the fireworks.


I took some pictures of the fireworks, just for fun.




It was a nice end to the trip! I'm already looking forward to going again. I've always loved amusement parks and there's definitely something special about the attention to detail in Disney parks. Amusement parks can often be grimy places, but not Disney. I have no idea how they keep everything so sparkling and perfect! And I'm not sure I want to know how they keep the bugs away. Seriously, people screen in their entire back yards in central Florida, but there is nary a flying insect to be found around the Disney parks. It can't be pretty.

It's time to get Carter ready for bed and for me to start thinking about getting back to work tomorrow. I hope those of you following this blog enjoyed our pictures from Orlando!

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