Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visiting Grandparents in Fort Morgan, CO

We're in Colorado right now visiting Carter's Grandpa and Grandma Smith. We were looking forward to some cooler weather, though it's actually been pleasantly warm. The high yesterday was 85! But still, it's been a nice visit, and Carter has really enjoyed lots of time playing outside.

We arrived on Thursday night and drove from the Denver airport to Fort Morgan. The flight was a nonstop from Austin, which was very convenient, and Carter even slept on the plane. He was disappointed that his seat didn't go flat, though. I had to explain that seats in coach just don't do that. Heh.

It was late when we arrived, so all the fun had to wait for Friday morning. Carter was very excited to go to Grandpa's shop and help Daddy and Grandpa with the lawn mower Grandpa has been renovating.




I like this picture of Doug and his Dad.


After that Grandpa got the tractor out (this is the one being renovated) so Carter could take it for a drive. He had a blast!





Carter enjoyed playing in the yard. They have gorgeous bluegrass, the kind that just wouldn't grow where we live. It's so soft and beautiful, and Carter kept touching it and running his fingers through it!



But he's spent the vast majority of his time digging in the garden. Seriously, he's done this about 5 hours every day.


You can see that he was very dirty! I've always equated dirtiness of a child with happiness, so this is awesome. :-)


Later than evening we grilled steaks.


Here Carter is hanging out in Grandpa's recliner.


On Saturday morning, the local fire department was having an open house for kids, so we took Carter. He loved it! He's planning to be a firefighter for Halloween this year, so he enjoyed getting to see the inside of a real fire station and climb in all the fire trucks.





He got to meet the mascot and some clowns.



And try on a real firefighter helmet.


We got to ride on this old fashioned fire truck. I think I enjoyed this about as much as Carter did!



Carter went in the fire safety house, where the firefighters showed the kids how to crawl through smoke and safely escape from a burning house.



Here Grandpa is showing him around the fire station.



We had so much fun!


And then he spent the rest of the day in the garden!


He loves digging in dirt, so that was a great way for him to spend the afternoon. I got in there with him and we built roads, dug a big hole with tiny construction equipment, moved piles of dirt around, and then built a volcano. It was fun!

Doug's Aunt Elaine came over for dinner and I somehow managed not to get a picture of her with Carter. Shortly after dinner Carter decided he was ready for bed, and as soon as he had his pajamas on he crawled under the covers and told Doug he would wait there for me! I went up and laid down with him, and he went to sleep fairly quickly. I think that's the first time he's ever put himself to bed. He had a big day, apparently!

Today it's a bit cooler, but we'll still spend time outside. I'll try to post more pictures soon.

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