Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trip to CO, part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip to Fort Morgan last weekend. On Sunday Doug and his parents watched football and Carter and I spent a beautiful fall afternoon at the park.


This is one of the tallest slides I've ever seen on a playground!


I mean seriously, look how high that is! Crazy!


Carter even found some friends. When I suggested we go to the park, he immediately said, "Maybe there will be kids to play with!" It's interesting how that's suddenly important to him .


After we played for a while, we fed the geese and ducks. They're really aggressive, but Carter seemed to think that was funny.




Here we're checking out some goose poop on the ground. It's everywhere, as you might imagine.


We headed home on Monday morning. I wanted a picture of Carter with his grandparents, and I had to take about a dozen before I could ones where he wasn't making funny faces.



Our flight home was uneventful. The Admiral's Club in Denver has a small kids' area which happens to be right next to the awesome coffee machine, so it was easy to grab mochas and hot chocolate and cookies.

Having a nice lounge to hang out in really makes flying pleasant and easy, I have to say! Carter fell asleep on takeoff and slept for the entire flight, so I was even able to spend a couple of hours reading. That happens so rarely!

And that was our trip! We had a fun visit, and Carter especially enjoyed playing outside. When we got home a cold front came through Austin, so we've been in the 70s here -- perfect weather!

Carter has been able to spend a lot of time playing outside the last few days, which he loves. He and Michelle even got the sandbox cleaned up and ready for fall play. This is the time of year that the TV is almost never on, by default!

Carter seems to have hit some sort of emotional stage lately. He's generally a fairly laid-back kid, but right now he gets really, really upset over things that used to be just small disappointments. It seems to be right on par for his age, but its definitely a sudden change. One of the things I've worked really hard on in my parenting is helping him accept and work through strong emotions, and he's definitely given me lots of opportunities to work on that lately!

A couple of days ago when Michelle was here I went to the grocery store, and I didn't tell Carter I was going. When he found out I'd left without saying goodbye, he was really, really upset. Michelle ended up calling me so he could talk to me about -- he was that inconsolable. When I got home, he teared up when he saw me, climbed in my lap, and then lashed out at me. It was the first time he's done that, so it really represents a change in his emotions. I apologized and told him I understood, and we talked about what we do next time instead. I asked him if he would forgive me, and he thought for a moment and said, "No, not yet." I've asked him a couple of times since, and he says, "I need more time, Mommy." I'm happy to give him the time, because it's totally his choice to forgive me, but I also find it really interesting that he's letting me know I really hurt his feelings by leaving without saying goodbye. That's the sort of thing he's been getting upset about lately.

I asked him a month or so ago what he wanted to be for Halloween, and for the first time ever, he had an opinion about it: he wanted to be a firefighter. So I kept asking, and he was consistent, so I finally bought the costume. It's a really awesome costume, and he'll get lots of dress-up play out of it.

We're excited for Halloween! We have decorations up, but that's another post. :-)

Finally, here's a video from his swim class today. I haven't been able to go for a while because these are on Thursdays when I teach, but I got there in time to watch him swim today!

At the end of the swimming lesson, the teacher pulled all the kids' fins off, and I noticed that the ones Carter had on were twice as big as those of the other kids. That's how big his feet are, LOL!

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