Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NaBloPoMo 30/30: Mater obsession

I meant to post this one last night, but I fell asleep. I'm still counting it as number 30!

Carter has really been into Cars lately, but especially Mater's Tall Tales.  We took a bunch of DVDs with us to Orlando, but that was the only one he wanted to watch.  I don't think he's watched another video for the last two weeks, actually.  He knows the dialogue by heart, and so do I! 

I started buying him some of the toys from the Tall Tales series, and he loves them!  He plays with them constantly.

They're really cute, and very collectible.  We now look for them when we go shopping, and it's becoming clear that some of them are harder to find than others.  It's fun, though!  I'm on the lookout for Heavy Metal Mater and McQueen, and the monster truck versions of both of those characters.

And I just found out that Disney's California Adventure Park is working on a Cars Land, to open in 2012.  Who knows if Carter will care about Cars any more by then, but hey -- it still sounds like fun!  

And with that, NaBloPoMo 2010 is done, woo!

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