Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New York City!

We travel to NYC a couple of times a year. Doug and I are huge musical theatre fans, and we enjoy making these trips to see as many Broadway shows as we can manage. We take Michelle along, and she hangs out with Carter in the evenings while we're gone. This time we also stayed in a hotel near Central Park, and that turned out really well for us. Central Park is a wonderful place to take a child, and it was really nice to have it just a few blocks away.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Carter playing in the park over the days we were there.

A the Tisch Children's zoo:

There are tons of areas for rock-climbing around the Park.

It's a great place for exploring.

There are lots of great playgrounds, too:

Though Carter was ultimately interested in pushing the stroller around.

On another morning we went to the Central Park Zoo.

We also rode the carousel in the park one day:

And took a carriage ride around the park, something I've always wanted to do!

Of course, there are many parks in New York. One morning we took Carter to Washington Square park to play. He loves riding in taxis!

There was a toddler playground in the park, which he enjoyed.

At least, until he decided that pushing the stroller around was more fun!

He enjoyed running around in the park, and even charmed his way into an NYU student film. They have my email address and said they'd send me a link when it was ready. Hopefully they will!

On yet another morning we went down to Chelsea Market, which was not a big hit with Carter. The High Line, however, was definitely a hit. It's an old elevated train line that is being converted into a park.

Carter liked being able to run, and there was only one direction he could go!

It's really a lovely park, and I can't wait to see more of it as they continue working on it.

He spent his evenings (and a couple of afternoons when we when to matinees) with Michelle. SHe took him to the park and to other fun places, like FAO Schwartz, where she took this picture of him on the famous big piano:

She also took him out to several restaurants for dinner, and strolling around in Times Square. I think they had a lot of fun together!

Overall it was a great trip. Doug and I saw several Broadway shows and even went to the Tony Awards, and we also got lots of fun time with Carter in the city. It's a great place to go with kids -- especially if you have a babysitter, heh.

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Rita said...

So jealous! I am DYING to take Sam to NYC. That park made out of the train line looks awesome.