Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trip to NC, part 1

It's been almost a month since I last posted, yikes. The end of the semester was really busy as usual, and so there's just going to be a few weeks missing here.

Every summer I go spend a few weeks with my family in NC, and this year we kicked off the trip by going to Williamsburg, VA to see my cousin Ryan graduate from law school. I need to get some other folks' pictures from that event. Doug and I took Carter to a big park one morning, and we went swimming in the hotel's pool. He went with us to the evening events, and really had a lot of fun.

After that we headed down to Greensboro. The trip was pretty harrowing because it was raining the the whole way down and there were lots of wrecks, but also because Carter's cough had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. I had forgotten to bring along the nebulizer and the meds, so I called the pediatrician back in Austin and had his prescription sent to a pharmacy near my mom's house. Carter was wheezing, exhausted, and miserable by the time we got the medicine, poor kid, but the next day he was almost back to normal. It looks like we're just going to have to carry the nebulizer with us when we travel from now on.

We headed over to my dad's house first, where we were spending the week. My dad has a farm, and Carter has had a blast this week running around outside.

He really enjoyed hanging out with the dogs! Here he is with his new BFF Topper.

Here he is checking out the chicken coop.

They have a new baby horse at the farm, Bailey. She's about one month old and very sweet and friendly.

Of course, Carter was much more interested in this old fan.

Carter loved all the equipment in the barn, and will pretty much run straight out there whenever he goes outside. He will literally climb from vehicle to vehicle, over and over.

My mom had given him some little toy tractors and told him the brand names of all of them, and he can totally identify about 5 kinds of tractors now. It's really cute! Papa took him for some rides on the John Deere mower and let Carter drive a little, which he loved, of course!

We kept busy this week, and had a lot of fun. On Thursday we went up to Mount Airy and visited some relatives. Here is Carter with Rachel and Ed Jones, some of the last family we have left in Mount Airy on my dad's side.

On Friday we went to tour a local dairy in the morning. We went on a hayride and saw some animals, and got to sample the dairy's ice cream. As usual, Carter was most interested in the farm equipment.

That afternoon we went to the zoo at the Greensboro Natural Science Center. We'd been to the inside part before, but I'd never been to the zoo outside. It's actually a really nice zoo! Here are some pictures of our visit.

At the end of that visit, Carter was exhausted, and took a 3 hour nap when we got home. Dad had a weenie roast that night, and my sister Donna came with her husband and their daughter Emma. It was really a lot of fun sitting by the fire and cooking hot dogs and just hanging out. Carter spent most of the night running around in the dark, loving every minute of it.

He really loves being outside, and has enjoyed being able to run around the farm this week. It's fun to watch him explore and run around. Everything is new and exciting for him, and it's so amazing!

I have more pictures and video to post, but I think Carter just ran out the door, so I need to go find him. I'll post more later!

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