Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy Saturday, Sunny Sunday

It was chilly this weekend, which was a bummer after the last few days of lovely weather. It rained all Saturday morning, and then cleared off a bit on Saturday afternoon. Carter was desperate to go outside, so I dressed us up in rain gear and we went to the park. We had it all to ourselves! The playing fields were flooded, and Carter had a great time splashing in all the water.

He finally got brave enough to start running, and of course fell down, repeatedly, getting himself completely soaked. He thought it was the best thing ever!

I love to watch him do things like splash in puddles and get muddy! He has so much fun just being outside and exploring everything. Unfortunately it was a little chilly that day, and so we had to go home earlier than Carter wanted to when his hands started getting really cold. I handed him off at the door to Doug, who put him straight into a warm bath.

Last night he put a flying ring around his neck and announced, "I'm a planet!" I have no idea where he got that from!

Carter's been asking to go swimming all day today. He brought me my bathing suit this morning and said, "Take it on!" (which is how he currently says "put it on") and then "Let's go swimming. Let's go!" Just now he brought me his swimming trunks, had me help him put them on him, and then when right to the door, saying, "Let's go swimming!" We're heating up the hot tub, but it might take a while since it's been so chilly these last couple of days. He loves swimming, and gets really excited when we talk about going to the pool.

Today we decided to go for a drive around the Hill Country, and ended up going to one of our favorite wineries, Stone House Vineyards. Carter played with cars while we tasted wine.

Afterwards we spent sometime outside letting him play on the grounds of the winery.

I have pictures of us at this particular winery last year, and Carter was a lot smaller!

After playing at the winery, we drove up to Marble Falls and found a place for lunch. Carter got an ice cream bar with his kids meal, and this was the first time he's ever had one. He ate the ENTIRE thing, and when the last little bite dropped to the floor, he started to cry!

It was a fun day, though a very Doug-and-Jenn-centric one. This is the way we used to spend our weekends before Carter came along, actually! It's gotten really easy to do certain things with him lately, and I'm starting to think about how much harder it's going to get if we add another child to our family.

One last thing I want to make note of is Carter's developing use of language. It's interesting how he gets the concept of pluralizing words very well, but not yet the finer details of how it works in English. He'll say, for example, "I like muds," not yet knowing that mud doesn't get pluralized. It's really cute!

He tends to put adjectives after nouns, which I find really fascinating. I think most of the world's languages do it that way, so it's interesting to think that it may be something that comes more naturally to our brains than the way we do it in English.

He also can't yet say "th" sounds, which is a classic example of one of the sounds that is difficult for humans to make. People who speak languages without a "th" sound have a really hard time saying "th" words in English; for example, the French tend to say "ze" instead of "the" in English. Carter uses a "b" sound for "th" right now, and so he will say "bear it is" instead of "there it is".

That one linguistics course I took in college is really coming in handy right now, hee!

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A toy Ferrari! Holy cats! I want one! I mean, Sam wants one!

Mud. One of life's greatest joys.