Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update 2 of 2: San Francisco

This is the second part of my update, so scroll down to see the first part if you haven't already. :-)

This past weekend we all went to San Francisco. Doug had a business trip there that required him to be there on Sunday afternoon and so Carter and I decided to go an make a weekend of it. It turned out that there was a musical playing in Berkeley that Doug and I have really wanted to see (American Idiot), and there were also several Broadway tours playing in SF, so Michelle came along to stay with Carter while we did that. Jet Blue has a nonstop from Austin to San Francisco, which made flying there easy.

We got there on Friday morning and immediately went sight-seeing. We rode a cable car down to the Wharf, something I've wanted to do with Carter for a long time. He really seemed to enjoy it, and kept calling it a train.

Here is a little video of Carter riding the cable car.

We walked around Pier 39, had lunch, and went to see the sea lions. Carter thought they were pretty interesting, but not as interesting as the boats sailing by or the Blue Angels who were doing a practice run overhead.

We wandered over to Ghirardelli Square after that and sampled some chocolate.

It was a gorgeous clear day, and we had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the park in front of Ghirardelli Square

It was Michelle's first time in SF, so she tagged along for the sightseeing that morning.

Carter got to run around a little while we were waiting for a cable car back up the hill.

There was a street musician playing by the cable car line, and Carter danced while he played. It's funny how he has very clear opinions about music he likes, and will only dance when it's something he likes.

After a long day of playing and seeing new things, Carter totally crashed.

Carter and Michelle explored Chinatown by stroller while Doug and I went to the theatre the next day. They found a cool playground and had Chinese food for lunch. That evening we decided to order room service for dinner, and enjoying relaxing in the hotel room with Carter before we headed off to see Rent.

On Sunday morning, we went to Yank Sing for dim sum. Carter tried some things, but mostly ate fruit. Here he is eating some really cool jello.

Doug had to go to his business meeting after that, and Michelle, Carter, and I had a few hours to kill before heading to the airport to catch our flight home. So we rode on a streetcar and then a bus over to...

We explored some shops and found a cool kids' store where Carter played with toys for a while. I bought him a cool pair of shoes there and a little toy airplane. I've been to Haight-Ashbury several times before and always thought it was a cool quirky place. It still is, but it's amazing how much it looks like parts of Austin.

We headed back to the hotel and then on to the airport. Carter fell asleep in the taxi, and stayed asleep though arrival at the airport, check-in, security (when I got him out of the stroller, carried him through the metal detector, then put him back in), walking through the airport, dinner, and only woke up when we got to the gate.

Which meant he was awake for the entire 4 hour flight! But he's a good traveler, and we had his DVD player with 4 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba to watch over and over. That was his 55th flight, amazing as it seems!

Overall it was a great trip. We're going to take a few more weekend trips in the next month, so Carter will rack up more miles and we'll have more pictures to post. :-)

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Debby said...

OMG...Doug and Carter look more alike every day....Doug looks like he is holding his "mini me"...Looks like you all had a great time...Love you! Mom/Nana