Thursday, October 15, 2009

More diaper!

A word that Carter is getting a lot of use out of lately is "more". He's using it in a lot of situations to mean "more", "want", and "change". At mealtimes, he'll say "more chicken", "more bean", "more cheese", and so on, but he'll also say it when he wants something he's not currently eating. For example, when he wants juice he'll run to the fridge and say "more juice", or he'll ask for "more cookie" or "more ice". When he wants to nurse, he'll sometimes say "more milk".

But he'll also use "more" in other situations. For example, when he's nursing and wants to switch sides, he'll say "more side". When the credits roll while he's watching a show (like his current favorite Yo Gabba Gabba) he'll say "more Gabba!" and sign more emphatically. He's good about telling us when he's pooped most of the time, and he'll even occasionally come over and tell me "more diaper".

He constantly surprises us with words he knows. Last night I was putting his toys away and he said, "clean up!" He didn't help, of course, but it was cute that he still recognized the process. Trucks are now "big trucks" and kitties are suddenly "cats". All colors are currently either green or yellow, which is kind of funny.

He really likes getting zerberts lately, and will hold up his foot to me when I'm changing his diaper for a zerbert on the bottom of his foot, making a zerbert sound with his lips to tell me that's what he wants. He will then invariably pull up his shirt and grin and say "belly!", and then he'll get one there too, after which he shrieks and giggles. It's really cute, and it's always a way to get him to smile.

He's a really happy little guy these days, so much so that people often comment on it. At his swimming lesson, everyone always comments on how happy and smiley he is. The other funny thing is that he's getting to the point that he's bigger than other kids his real age. He's a little bit chubby, but completely within the range of healthy. He's just a big-looking kid, with big arms and legs, and he's getting tall,and he's still really strong. His swimming teacher calls him "Big Carter" and sometimes "Bubba" (an affectionate Texas term for a big boy). Considering how small he started out, it's amazing to me that people think he's so big!

Here are some eating pics from the last few days. Eating pics are just so cute, LOL. He likes apple slices, but he really prefers his apples whole.

He'll work on an apple for a long time, too. Here he is in the car a half hour later, with the same apple.

Here he is tonight eating a chicken leg.

Like most kids (heck, most people) chicken is probably his favorite meat. In fact, Michelle took him out to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch a few days ago, and he had falafel. He liked it and ate it, but kept asking for chicken the whole time. So she stopped at a McD's on the way home and got him some chicken nuggets! The kid does like meat...

We're heading to San Diego this weekend, so my next post will probably be after that.

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