Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two videos

Wow, two posts in one day, and it's not even NaBloPoMo yet!

Here are a couple of cute videos from the last few days. This first one shows Carter playing with his shape sorting toy. We've had this for a long time, but he's just now getting to the point that he can put the shapes in himself. He can do them all on his own, but not while the camera's on, of course! This video shows him talking about some of the shapes he knows: circle, oval, square, triangle. He also knows star and heart, but you don't see those here.

This one is from tonight, and it's really cute! He has these little toy wine glasses we got at IKEA, and he likes to drink water out of them and clink them together, saying "Cheers!" He does something here he learned in music class, which is to hit things together "up high" and "down low". (It takes me a second to realize it in the video, heh.) You can also hear him say "more drink" and "more water".

That's all for now! I need to start saving my posting thoughts for all the daily posts I'm making in November!

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